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    MIJ strat bridge

    In my opinion what you want are the 'Pure Vintage' saddles from Fender. As close as anyone does to the vintage articles. Stamped 'Fender' on one side and 'Pat. Pend.' on the other just as the originals were. I just fitted some to my 4 bolt '71 tribute ('71 was the last year they were used...
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    A Blackmore Strat’s Tale

    No? Are you sure? Which other 70s style bodies come with Dunlop strap locks or are you suggesting it's some other 70s style strat body modified to look like the Blackmore?
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    Lightweight Strat in 70's

    Look out for a decent MIM Classic Series (used now of course). Mine comes in at 7lbs 4oz (so 7 1/4 pounds) so light ones are out there. And it's the full 'Blackmore'....
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    Suddenly realised my Stratocaster looks so good

    I'm with ya!
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    Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?

    Hmmm, vintage strat or Ferrari? I guess if I were a rich man it wouldn't be a question of which one so much as which colours I might buy both in. How rich is rich? How much is enough? As it is I'm a poor man but already have the poor man's equivalents so I think I'm well positioned to say I'm...
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    Pot date?

    Ow! That physically hurt.
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    carpentry question: replacing a front door

    Before any actual Scousers reply to that last let me just say first.... "Calm Down".
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    Compound radius boards ... how do you set string height?

    Well as the name suggests really... not much more to add. I know of course you'll eventually set it up to just what feels right but where's the start point? Are the saddles following the flatter radius the more curved radius or does it end up somewhere confused betwixt and between? Is the nut...
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    A little help for an old near color blind wanker.

    Well I think it now needs cream plastics. so there!
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    are all fender strat tremolo arms the same?

    Just as well I hadn't posted a pic of mine at that point then...
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    Color of the cover pickup on 2021 strat 60s modified

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    Color of the cover pickup on 2021 strat 60s modified

    Here's a thread with some info and comparison pics of the 'whites' and 'off whites' available....
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    Color of the cover pickup on 2021 strat 60s modified

    You'll be lucky to find a single cover that matches but a whole new set of covers, knobs and tips can be had pretty cheap and you can pick whatever you fancy. The Pure Vintage set are supposedly pretty accurate to the '60s originals with smaller lettering, correct fonts etc.. As close as you...
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    First strat, afraid to choose the wrong color

    It's not that big a deal when you think about it logically. When you do you'll realise the only decision you're actually making is which will you buy... first.
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    First strat, afraid to choose the wrong color

    Massive `Blackmore fan here too .... got any pics of these big headstock beauties please?