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  • Want you to know that I'm still working on your song
    When I do get it
    I'll be a musician
    A musician could do it in 5 minutes
    I'd take it to my teacher
    Then it'd be his doing

    Hey man, thanks for a smooth deal on the DD-6. Great condition and everything works the way it's supposed to. Thanks again!
    Hey man. Finally bit the bullet and registered on this forum. Pretty much the only reason why i did is so that i could send you message so you could hit me up with that info on the tubes you were talking about for the HotRod Deluxe. My power tubes unexpectedly blew on me yesterday (lets hope that all). So i figured since i need to replace those, might as well just order something good instead of just rebuying the crap from GrooveTubes. If ya need a little more info, i'll be glad to provide it. Otherwise just throw me a recommendation here. I'm all ears. Thanks man.

    Saw your thread about your modding your Powerstrat. I have one also and I can't tell you how many times I've turned the tone knob to get just a little bit more treble only to find it was already on 10.

    On a normal strat I'd put in a different value resister, but the powerhouse circuitry is a bit over my head. Any ideas where I can find out how to get more treble out of it?


    John Mistretta
    Hi Sprocket,

    Thanks for the offer, but I returned the MicroBR. I liked a lot of things about it, but I contacted the folks at TASCAM and they're going to fix my GT-R1 for free. Hopefully it will hold up this time. I think in some ways the BR is better, but right now I need the $200 more than I need a second recorder.
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