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  • hey, buddy
    Have you ever used a BBE Tremor tremolo pedal? thinking about saving for Christmas for one since its got 2 speeds/Fender like circuit ala Twin. and just realized how many of my favorite tunes use a trem pedal,lol.
    Hey Stark, thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear your healing well. Keep it up.
    I'm doing well too. Take care buddy. :)
    in all honesty man, i am glad you have the spirit you do! it makes your toes worth that much more.
    Hi Stark, I missed your note last week. I hope you are beginning to recover from your surgery. I hope things aren't being too rough on you. Have a good weekend. Aloha man!
    Hej Stark
    How are you now mate??? Are you healing all right???
    Hope things are as good as they can be atm.

    You are lucky! You have some great friends here .... :)

    Keep cool
    Hey Stark you beat me to the old Friday greeting!
    I'm back in Seattle now. I got home a few days ago.
    Good to hear from you and have a good weekend man!
    Thanks man take care. :)
    Hey Stark, haven't been on ST for a while. I've been in LA. Thanks for the greeting and I hope things are going well. Take care. :)
    Hey Stark. It's a wet weekend up here for Labor Day. A good one nonetheless.
    I hope yours is going well too! Thanks, take care man! :)
    Thanks Stark! Things are going well. I hope they are for you too.
    Best of luck lining up the LP! Talk to you next week! :)
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