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    Strat-Talk South Carolina Jam, Dec. 10, 2022 — OFFICIAL THREAD

    LOL. I'm so disorganized this AM. My gear is all over the house and I haven't packed. I'm signing off until I get over the SC line...gotta get this going.
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    Harley Benton

    I have five. They are good guitars.
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    If you can have any guitar for Christmas...

    Tough choice. Just one: G6122T-62 Vintage Select Edition '62 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman Hollow Body with Bigsby, TV Jones.
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    Andertons Music and DHL.

    They've been good for me as well. I also like their videos (not to derail). Funny, in retrospect...the gear I've had come over from Andertons (UK), Thomann (Germany), and a couple of Reverb'rs (UK) have easily kept pace with or out-paced (shipping/arrival-wise) items shipped in-Conus. I do not...
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    Is a used Super Sonic 22 worth...

    I've never played one, but it is one of my favorite settings on my old Mustang (who knows how accurate?), so for $500, I'd be in!
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    New Charvel Day

    Sweet! HNGD!
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    Can’t find your sleep?

    CPAP. Works long as I do not load up on caffeine and sugar too late in the day (reverting to my childhood:sneaky:).
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    Retiring still in process.

    Military retirement here. The "last thing" paperwork-wise for me was with the VA. That resolved almost exactly one year to the day after I I cannot kick about it. I didn't do Medicare/SS until several years after when my age caught up. BUT, in my mind I wasn't retired until a year or...
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    PEDAL ORDER: What would you do?

    I have my WAH first...but it is a novelty I rarely use (and I don't use it with all my boards). As previously stated, I do have Fuzz before the OD/Distortion on two boards...those particular pedals sound better to me that way. Some pedals do not have the headroom(?) to be behind an OD for...
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    PEDAL ORDER: What would you do?

    If I'm not stacking them, I typically line them up OD, Distortion, Fuzz. BUT, I have two boards opposite because the pedals sound better that way. On the board where my RAT resides, it is OD, Distortion, RAT, Fuzz. How is that for swerving all over the road?
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    Strat-Talk South Carolina Jam, Dec. 10, 2022 — OFFICIAL THREAD

    Spiffy! Begging for snakeskin cowboy boots:thumb:.
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    I'm beginning to see patterns on the fretboard. Either I am learning something or the matrix is failing.
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    Strat-Talk South Carolina Jam, Dec. 10, 2022 — OFFICIAL THREAD

    LOL. I prefer gym shorts or sweats when messing with my guitars to prevent some scratches (OCD...I know). The weather @bluejazzoid sent would probably support shorts. But I'll likely wear jeans for the evening out.