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    Incoming HNGD after divorce phase

    That looks like a good one to me at that $euro$. Bonus is you will get to try it. If it fits you well, I'd call the decision made and carry it home. Happy Hunting!
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    Knot on my watch!

    This nearly bamboo-zled me.
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    Had to get another one

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    When’s the last time . . .

    I knew a guy who lost his job bc a neghbor complained abt him pee'ng from his deck. That was almost twenty years ago at this point. But, that doesn't stop me (prostate cancer survivor). When it is time to is time to find a spot.
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    Knot on my watch!

    I have one very similar...all wood case and band.
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    First strat, afraid to choose the wrong color

    Both colors are timeless and perfect. What color/pattern strap do you want?
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    NAD-Vox AC10C1!

    Sweet! HNAD!
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    Randy Bachman

    My all-time favorite breakaway tune...100k shaft horsepower churning sea water to steam. :cool:
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    Another "I need a fuzz pedal thread"

    Keeley Fuzz Bender does about everything. Another good one (imo) that probably hits your requirements is the Chicago Stompworks Black Fudge. Happy Hunting!
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    Supro Owners??

    Today I added a Supro Statesman 1699rh head and cabinet to my gear. I’m very pleased with it. HNAD for me!
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    Hot rod deville 212 II

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    My cat said take me a selfie

    Aren't we all?
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    Purchased a Strat, now I'm here

    Welcome Aboard!