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    1. stradovarious
      Hey plusorminuszero, nice to hear from you. I posted this on Challenge thread #101: "My right hand was smashed at age 10 and now the calcification and pain are so bad I cannot play classical anymore.

      I can teach it no problem but cannot execute the high end right hand classical stuff. The hand simply will not do what I tell it to.

      Went into a bit of a black hole for a while...

      Left hand is perfect and picking technique is not affected. However, I have never been a pro electric player and only started in 2009. Can't do what I am supposed to be good at.

      Got very depressed. Then I read about Jason Becker. Don't feel sorry for myself anymore."
    2. plusorminuszero
      Just wondering where you are/have been?
    3. stradovarious
      Thanks, man. Sorry, I come to this page too rarely ("profile" page). Need to change that. Thanks again amstrat.
    4. amstratnut
      Hey man I wondered what happened to you. Good to see you're back.
    5. stradovarious
      Man, I'm sorry to hear that, stevierayfan91.

      Nobody ever hacked my email before. I never got anything from your hacker BTW.

      How do they do that?

      Never mind. WHY do they do that? Can they make money that way somehow? Or is it just kind of a cyber-vandalism, like, people getting their kicks?

      Sorry it took so long to reply, I am bad about checking my visitor's messages.

      Have a great weekend!
    6. stevierayfan91
      Hi, Strad
      Someone hacked my email yesterday. So if you got an spam, sorry about that! I changed my password as soon as I noticed. Thank God, I don't use the same one for here, huh? .

      Hope today was good..I played with a sweet cocker spaniel at rescue today :) .
    7. stradovarious
      You too, GuitarAJ and Stratonini!
      2013 is going to be THE year for us and our families. Stratonin will get signed, GuitarAJ will find the bottle that the gopher stole from him (and drink its contents), and I will get some serious classical gigs happening like I was before ran into a rough spot! Onward and upward in 2013!
      By 2015 we will be guitar gods, even if only while we are sleeping, lol!
    8. GuitarAJ
      Merry Xmas to you and yours, Strad ! You're a real music guru. :)
    9. Stratonini
      Hey Strad, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
    10. stradovarious
      Hey plusorminuszero, my bad!

      I am just now getting in the habit of checking this visitor message page- better late than never!
      Hey, a used Roland GR-20 guitar synth with the Roland Midi pickup (attach to ANY guitar) is best; use the MidiSport midi to USB adapter and go into your computer with that.
      Then use Finale "Print Music" software (not expensive, under a hundred bucks) and everything you play will show up as formal notation on the computer, then you can save and print.
      The software needs some tweaks, and the latest generation of Roland Guitar Synth has USB direct out, bit it's like $800! The GR-20 is BETTER (IMO) and is a few hundred used on Ebay.
      Actually Fender/ Squier just released a Squier Strat with USB direct out, but that is NOT midi and will NOT work with notation software, it is only for direct recording.
      There's a thread where I posted more detail on Squier-Talk. I have to PM it to you because URL links are not allowed here.
      Happy Holidays!
    11. stradovarious
      Hey EvilCheese,
      Sorry man, I miss these messages bad.
      Hendrix rhythm no problem! I don't talkmoney publicly but I won't charge you to Skype once for 30 minutes.
      Funk rhythm, if we are talking Chili Peppers etc is a different tamale altogether but I am hip to that too. Gotta love that Frusciante etc etc stuff.
    12. stradovarious
      Hey stevierayfan91,
      I did, man!
      Hope you had a good one as well. Rock on
    13. stradovarious
      Hey Donald77,THANKS! Sorry, I missed your message until just now. I appreciate it. Take care,
    14. stevierayfan91
      hey, buddy
      Hope you had a good Thanksgiving :) . Slightly belated.
    15. Donald77
      Nice video's on your youtube channel I subscribed.
    16. EvilCheese
      hey strad

      how much would you charge for a lesson on funk rhythm/hendrix rythm
    17. oakhills
      Hey Strad, in a recent thread, you wrote that you are a violist, me too, small world eh :) I'm just curious what brand of violin do you play and what style? Classical I presume?
    18. plusorminuszero
      Strad, I thought I'd drop a note for help, before I get kicked off. I am looking for musical notation software which simply notates exactly what I play on guitar, into perfect notation.

      Does such a thing exist? My limited knowledge of musical notation and poor searching ability yields things which are less than forthcoming as to what exactly they can actually do.

      I have read that 'this is like a word processor for music' etc....not that I know what or why anyone would need to 'process' words.....

      You seem well versed in music, and I am fairly poised against formal notation. I'm not even in the belief that anyone could possibly play what I do, that is, by reading the notation. I could very well be wrong. My lack of knowledge is stifling, and I'm stubbornly resistant to getting on the road to 'reading' music.

      I do enjoy playing. I think the best way to describe what I do is that I find myself thinking very deeply of things, but I happen to be holding a guitar when doing so. Writing seems to destroy the flow, entirely.


      who am I again...oh yes...plusorminuszero
    19. larryk
      Hi again Strad -

      Much appreciate your response to my query re: "Strad Scale School." I've re-watched Video # 3 and read and re-read your responses. What I guess I'm struggling with is the different "versions" of (for example) the "D" scale/key...You were explaining that "D - Dorian" is a Perfect version (no Sharps of Flats) while "D - Aeolian" is NOT perfect (having them).
      I then put on paper a couple of "Perfect" scales and applied the formula, and I am kinda seeing what you mean.

      Also, I tried a Major (Ionian) scale starting with Eb and applied the 2/1 formula (without peeking online), which gave me:
      Eb - F - G - A - B - C# - D# - Eb
      (2 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 2 -1).
      The Dorian would then be:
      F - G - A - Bb - C - D - E - F
      (2 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 1).
      And the key of F (F Minor?) (Aeolian) would turn out as:
      F - G - Ab - Bb - C - Db - Eb - F
      (2 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 2) Right? Wrong?

      Not sure how that will help me with trying to learn to play solos, but I'll keep plugging away. Thanks for your patience. I think I need a teacher.
    20. ktmay2
      Is your avatar the Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Strat?
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