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Sep 15, 2015
    1. txflood
      Hi, I saw you had posted some pics of your strat after you changed the tremolo to be a GFS 2 point upgrade model. How does the push in arm work well for you? Does it get rid of all the slop of the standard Fender screw-in types? Also I couldn't see it well in the picture that you posted but isn't the cutout for the mounting hole on the high E side wider than the low E cutout? I'm guessing this is how they can claim it works on all the 2 point models. Is the cutout difference visible when mounted? Does it still mount and work well despite the slightly elongated cutout? I was thinking about getting one of these for my Classic Player 60s model. Thanks.
    2. fenson
      Thanks for accepting my request. All the best ,talk at ya soon!. Cheers
    3. oldmedic
      Strat-man what R you looking for in the head shot,so I can make sure to take the picture of what you want..I can take paypal if you want to do That..this is an unplayed strat,,also the plastic film is still on the pickguard..I spent 1250.00 in haveing this thing built..make me an offer and lets close the deal...can ship it out on saturday to you...will send you a head shot..are you sure that the shots on the forum isnt enough? if not thats cool..will shot one tonite when I get home,,Thanks oldmedic.
    4. oldmedic
      Strat man..I still have it,,what are you looking 4 in the head..its the reverse large head stock...I will try and send you a pic tonite when I get home from work...oldmedic
    5. SteveJames
      Many thanks, I like the "young" bit :-)
    6. bobthecanadian
      Thanks for the info so that I could find you on youtube.

      I always like first take and one take recordings. I like authenticity.

      So, the Shecter single coils sound pretty good. I'd sure like to hear more from that guitar.

      How do you record the audio?

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