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  • can you edit my birth date to 03/22/1997?
    i didnt really notice what i was putting in when i registered.
    thanks :D
    Just curious why was locked out of this thread:

    I had difficulty trying to open a new " reply" , not a resonse with a quote.
    I had no intention to repond to the qoute that kept popping up.

    I tried 3 times , and each time I tried to open " New Reply" the widow opened with one of the above members quote, not the blank page that usually shows up. This puzzled me. After the third try, I simply deleted his quote and proceeded to log my new post.

    I certainly was NOT attempting to alter anything that was already posted.
    What else was I supposed to do? Anyway that may help you resolve whatever the gitch is.

    So that should explain anything you see on your end that appear wrong, or appears like an attempt of mine to alter a post. I'm a great guitar player but just above moron level when it comes to the computer sciences.

    By the way I got a real positive response from the satircal piece I posted.

    Here's the content and the postitve presponse I received a little while ago!

    I have both custom shop and Squier strats that I use on gigs.

    There's few things I look for, but this practice helps me to make sure I make the right decision.

    When picking a guitar I first get a few black cat bones. I have a box of the skeleton from my old cat " Cia ". On the first full moon after Mardi Gras, I bury these bones along with three cloves of garlic wrapped in rag torn from a Tshirt from the AD-DC Hells Bells tour. ( It must be this tour ). After the bones are buried just before midnight, I wait until the next full moon.
    Before the black cat bones are exhumed, I wave my wand of hoot owl feathers over the spot in the ground where they are burried. I then sing " I Got My Mojo Working " ( the Anna Cole version ) while playing an acoustic guitar with nylon strings. ( has to be nylon ) Then I boil the garlic into mash that I let cool and rub deep into the " lifeline " spot of my left hand.:twisted:

    After I take the black cat bones from the ground I place them in my mojo hand bag.:oops:

    Once this is done, I take my mojohand & I go to the music store where the first guitar I play magically is perfect for me. Works every time!:)

    Be careful if you try this. Some states, like Louisiana, have statutes on the books about killing black cats. :wink:
    ---End Quote---
    Arguably the best response I've seen on this topic. LOL, thanks a lot! :grin:

    My new post was not a response to the quote that inadvertantly kept popping up when I was trying to make a brand new comment on the thread . ( ghost in the machine ? )
    so you pull my thread because some hater was being vulgar? why not just delete his post? plus i had just posted another pic of my guitar. i am nothing but polite and civil in my posts. what was your rationale please?
    I would like to change my username from:



    Erlkonig (this is the correct spelling of the German word. It means Elf King).

    Is this possible? If so, great. If not, no biggie.


    new starter here guys i am really into Hank marvin sound i only have a cheap strat copy .How do i set up my tremolo arm to get more sound from it ie more flexability thanks
    hello, have just bought squire strat (made in china) but seems to have maybe alder body and better than standard bridge is there somewhere where I can use the serial number to identify the model and spec?
    Well just started to learn how to play. Glad to see that there is a site that is just for or mainly for strat owners!
    I have a squier that i got off a friend at work and it was a good start.
    Now i have just got ahold of a fender strat a real one or at least better than the squier,and the guys told me it was a 50th anni fender fat strat.
    Well being one of the new guys here i really dont know what to look for to make sure. i know it has two tex-mex and a humbuker its got a pearlized pick gaurd and its a candy red or fire red and its a MIM.
    Can anyone help please?
    Thanks Casriz2
    How do i edit my username? I somehow hit the wrong button while signing up, and now I never remember my user to login? Please help!
    Hi, I got a message wishing me a Happy Birthday which is cool but my Birthday is on June 8th not June 6th. could you change it for me. I tried to edit in my CP but couldn't.
    hi Paul, how's it been going ? I've been pulling up some old threads to get the other guys interested in searching the forum for answers. whatever happened to the idea of squier-talk ? brent
    i have a 74 blond all original without out flat poles soft tail strat.
    it is in ill say 7 our of 10 condition.
    Can anyone help me with the value??
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