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    1. Dauntless
      Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
      That beast is a Micheal Kelly Hourglass and I have found our that the color is actually a smoke burst!
      They don't make them any more.
      The Agiles are well made guitars that should serve you a long time.
      I've got one that drooped off of a table and the only scar is a paint blemish where it contacted the floor.
      A Gibson would have broke at the head stock.
      Solid Guitar!! They sound good too!
    2. Tele like it is
      Tele like it is
      Cool pic's my friend!
    3. PeteG45
      I think that those are the ones. Mine were Gotoh Magnum tuners too. They hold tune really well and have a fine enough gears that I usually don't go past tune when tuning. The make changing strings a breeze. I'd buy them again.
    4. Ray-Boy
      I have Grovers on my acoustic Washburn and they hold tune just great. I have a set of Gotohs that I'm going to put on an axe I'm building now but I've never actualy used them yet, so I can't really tell much about them. Grovers are great, speaking from experience, and I've always heard good things about Gotoh. I'm also building another Strat and have a set of Sperzel Lockers for it.
    5. tonyw
      A the moment i am using Sperzel lockers on my guitars as i am these days preferring a locker. I am just going to put a set of Deluxe Klusons on my Tele Esquire project.
    6. StratoBrew
      Hey! It's always nice to converse with another lefty. Finding the perfect neck specs for me was a happy accident. I bought a 2000 American Standard Tele used on ebay four years ago, with no previous desire to own a Tele, and it felt perfect within 2 minutes of playing. The neck is the modern C shape, with a 9.5" radius and measure 1 11/16" at the nut. So I've stuck with the nut width because that neck feels so great. It's got medium-jumbo frets.

      Now with my Strat, I bought the guitar in February with the Warmoth Total Vintage neck already there. It's got a fretboard radius of 7.25", a '60's-style C shape, and is slightly wider than my Tele at the nut, but only by one 16th" of an inch. Although I'm not wild about the 7.25" radius, everything else about feels so good that I can tolerate a little fretting out when bending, etc. But it's got smaller frets, 6105 fretwire, so it holds bends pretty well for a 7.25" radius.

      So, I became a Warmoth fan when I got that Strat. My Jazzmaster came without a neck, so it was a no-brainer for me to go straight to Warmoth. I didn't want to wait 3 months or whatever for them to build one from scratch, so I browsed through the showcase necks. I chose the Warmoth Pro with compound radius, which was risky because I'd never played one before. But I'd played plenty of guitars with a 12" radius, so I went for it and couldn't be happier. Bends are effortless and hold just fine. I went with the 1 11/16" width at the nut because that's what I'm used to. It's got Warmoth's standard thin profile, which plays super-fast. I also opted for 6105 frets and have found that I prefer them to the medium-jumbos on my Tele.

      I could see myself swapping out the neck on my Strat for a Warmoth Pro some day, but I'm happy with it the way it is for now. It's got a Brazilian rosewood fretboard, and was brand new when I got the guitar, so I'm sure it'd fetch a good price if I sold it. But my attitude right now is why mess with a good thing.

      Anyway, that's been my experience. Most necks feel okay to me, but I've gotten to the point where "okay" or "pretty good" isn't good enough. I can't imagine you'd be disappointed if you went with a Warmoth neck.

      Cheers and Happy Holidays,
    7. tonyw
      I mate best thing to do is follow this link Tru Oil Finish

      I didnt worry about dust free, final sandings with 0000 steel wool fixes it but i did have the neck in my back room with the window open and it hanging in front of it. The body because the weather is so good hangs in the tree outside my door to dry.

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