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    why SRV need two ts808 on his chain?

    TS9 followed by OCD here
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    I Only Bond With Strats!!??

    I am a LP strats are my second favorite!
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    Am I going to do the forbidden?

    Can't say I agree with this at all! My amp plays just as much a part of the equation (even more so) then my guitar. I can get a ****ty guitar to sound good through a great amp but couldn't make the best guitar sound good through a crap amp. Shoot me! :wink:
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    stratocaster nut

    Have to agree here!
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    Anyone here have kids?

    My little one has that same outfit!
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    Anyone here have kids?

    Had my first 34 days ago! It has been amazing.
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    How much $ to dump into a squire

    It depends. If you love the way the squire plays put money into it. Nice thing about S type guitars you can always piece them out in the future if you want to keep the upgrades you put into it. I have a MIJ Fernandes Strat LE-2 that I paid $200.00 bucks for. Honestly it out plays my American...
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    MIJ trade for MIA..should I?

    I would not trade my MIJ strat and it's only a Fernandes it beat out my 94 american deluxe plus after the upgrades I did to her.
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    NGD not a strat but........

    Nice custom!
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    Fender vs Gibson quality control

    They suck at setups!
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    Fender vs Gibson quality control

    If you want a awesome LP (better then Gibson turns out these days) IMHO, look into MIJ LP types between 1980 and 1992 seem to be the best years for most. Greco Tokai Burny Edwards Epiphone Elite Orville by Gibson Navigator Are good places to start. Once I got turned on to MIJ my Gibson...
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    Clips of D Allen 54/59 set

    I love thes pups. I am running them threw a Phaez amp, Fernandes LE2 MIJ strat, with a Martin six string custom wiring harness. D Allen is the man! I have my Geco loaded with his Crazy Cats, Tele loaded with Cheetahs & obviously this strat loaded with 54/59's And Another.mp4 - YouTube
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    D. Allen Hot Vintage or Klein 1959

    I have a set of 54/59 they are amazing pups! You cant go wrong if your looking for a well rounded quacky and a little hot strat set!
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    D Allen CS69 Voodoo arrived

    David is the man! I have a set of Cheetahs in my Tele, 54/59 in my strat and a set of crazy cats in one of my LP's he does amazing work! Enjoy