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  • Thanks. I wish internet forums existed 30 years ago when I was teaching myself (painfully and slowly) how to work on guitars.
    Cool, I will look forward to hearing it. I just, once again, went to GC and compared my strat with a 2014 mim standard strat and the two guitars were pretty similar. i then realized the pups on the 2014 were positioned much higher out of the body than the pups on my strat, which are almost level with the body. There are sooooo many variations! it's mind blowing! would love to hear your recording! Bh
    Stratman, where in Virginia are you located, I'm in Roanoke and am looking to jam with someone, thanks.
    Fraser, I think that would work. I do not see why the diagram shows 2 caps... I think you could do a master tone, with one cap, right after the switch.

    I had hoped the Gibson diagrams would help, but I think they used a much different switch on those.
    I have exactly one. It's a (I believe...was in a used guitar) US neck pickup. I've moved it from one guitar to another and have no plans to use it now.
    Sorry, I didn't notice that I had a notification until just now. The shopping went pretty well, thank you for asking. My brother got a new standard in Sienna sunburst and the novelty still hasn't quite worn off lol
    I am thinking I will just swap the caps and pots and call it good for now. I wanted to swap in stamped saddles but can't find those at a good price.

    I want to swap the tuners on it as well, and also want to get tuners for a banjo, so going to order those, probably from GFS.
    Yes, I have the stock pickups and switches in my SE's, they are fine, in fact they sound very good. I actualy like ceramic pickups, and I have never had a switch go bad on me. Installing 250k pots and a 0.047uf cap is a must! Thankyou, poppa
    I did not get to see her on that, but read that she played there. Pretty prestigious gig to get I guess. I saw her with the LP
    Yeah, I remember her posting a photo of her damaged Squier 51. That sucks. That was after she told me about the other gear. I'm in close contact with her UK manager (who is also the manager for Virgil and The Accelerators; if you like Joanne you should check them out), and he told me that Joanne is somewhat careless with her gear. I don't know how true that is. She's such a great player though. Did you see her performance at the Queen's Jubilee last year alongside Annie Lennox? She seems to be playing a Les Paul mostly these days.
    Your email addy had twinstomp in it. I friended Joanne on Facebook, and asked about her guitar. She played a Squier 51 there, she had swapped in Seymour Duncan pickups but she said it was stock otherwise. She also had the guitar damaged by the airline! even with it in a case - airlines might be breaking her other gear too!
    You've been doing a little light detective work I see. I was very careful not to mention my business name so as to avoid breaking the spam rules. What did I let slip?

    Yes, I've met Joanne a few times. Lovely lady, excellent player. She told me that she throws all her gear in a big kit bag and the TwinStomp is the only thing to come out intact every time after numerous international tours. I think it's breaking all her other stuff!
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