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Mar 19, 2021
Sep 24, 2008
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Cornwall England


Senior Stratmaster, from Cornwall England

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Mar 19, 2021
    1. S. Rock
      S. Rock
      hey buddy !
      I see that you're checking out strat-talk again. I'm just as guilty, though.
    2. renrye25
      Hi Nick,
      My name is Ryan and I'm searching for some help to sell my 69 fender strat. Let me know if you can help me out. My email is [email protected] or you can call me on my cell at 609-502-7164. I appreciate any guidance.
    3. S. Rock
      S. Rock
      hi Nick, how ya doing ? how that song coming along ?
    4. Astro1176
      your welcome
    5. hendrixfan
      hiya mate thanks for the support i,m going to keep a low profile for a bit ,i,m sticking around though,thanks for the message
    6. hendrixfan
      thanks man,real name is Rob,thanks for accepting,if i,m ever down cornwall way it,d be cool to meet up take it easy
    7. PhilD123
      Hey Nick,

      Are you the same Nick I did the Magicstomp/Tokai trade with? The internet is a small place when it comes to guitar forums!
    8. Jimi Hendrix
      Jimi Hendrix
      Thanks Nick, yeah i'm enjoying it here so far, much better vibe than other forums i've been on, people seem much friendlier, i like it.

    9. S. Rock
      S. Rock
      thanks, Nick. I consider it a honor and a privledge.
    10. Kev_11
      hello Nick! thanks for the msg. it really mean alot to me because it isn't easy making money where im from and i want to do a good buy. i'm not too common with guitar talk.

      what is the five way switch and how do i know if it's doing what it should?
      what is the fret wear? and how do i know if it's okay?
      also, can i replace the dimarzio pickup to the original japan 85 pickup?

      sorry about these questions, i searched on google but i couldnt find much.

      i really appreciate your words,
      thanks Nick
    11. StratmanNick
      Hi PhilD, you mean the Eden Project with those dome's? Thats the only thing I imagine that you mean. I haven't visited the Eden Project. I know people who have and my take on it is, if you're really into your plants then its interesting but otherwise forget it. As for travelling over from the States just to see it I think you'd be wasting your time. Cheers, Nick
    12. new player
      new player

      i see you are from Cornwall. is that were the biodom is? (not sure if that is the name or not) If so, is it worth coming over from America to see it?
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    Cornwall England
    Vibro Champ-early 70's
    FM 212 DSP-for gigs

    Fender USA 60's Vintage Reissue Strat circa 2000-Oly.Fender US StndStrat-.Ash-'97 Fender MIJ Stnd Ba
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