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  • You are the whole package man, that rocked. I got goose bumps watching that performance, what an awesome trio...
    hey, buddy
    How are you holding up reg/ Dexter? I wish you could've had longer with him.
    i need to clear my inbox a little..But I thought good thoughts for you today.
    she's a blue heeler mix, and about 40 pounds..I like her a lot even though I'm most used to smaller dogs,lol. i am praying for her.
    thanks,buddy. :) .
    it is,
    i go visit her as much as i can though. i have been trying to spread the word about her to people who can adopt where i am.
    she really is a wonderful dog :) .
    me too.
    1 doggie we have at the rescue, is named Mersey and i wish somebody would adopt her. She's waited 5 years with no one choosing her..Breaks my heart.
    Praying this new year, is the magic one for her. I would adopt her but she can jump 5 feet high and i have a tiny unfenced yard. she's real sweet though..She gives big hugs with her front paws :) .

    she likes chicken nuggets from Chickfila so i am taking her some soon.
    hey, buddy
    my Dave poster came today. It was the bright point in an otherwise crappy one.
    Thankfully it is a new year!!
    Hopw it brings you, me, and your bro some good things :) .
    You too, Stratonini!
    2013 is going to be THE year for us and our families. Stratonin will get signed, GuitarAJ will find the bottle that the gopher stole from him (and drink its contents), and I will get some serious classical gigs happening like I was before ran into a rough spot! Onward and upward in 2013!
    By 2015 we will be guitar gods, even if only while we are sleeping, lol!
    Thank You, and right back at Ya... hope Your Christmas Holidays bring everything you need and Keep on Rawkin'
    Merry Xmas, buddy.
    I received a solid brass Dunlop slide, and Stevie's last album(The Sky Is Crying/the posthumous one)..Hopefully going to get an overdrive later over the weekend at GC's post Xmas sale. thinking a Bad Monkey, but open to other things. I didn't get the wah cause of some school stuff.

    I also am awaiting delivery of a big 24x36 inch Dave Mustaine poster of him in the 80's with his Jackson V guitar..That will go next to my Stevie and Angus Young posters, and Dime Darrell poster :) . I have a Randy Rhoads poster ,above my little floor shelf unit that has my straps and strings, and odds and ends, too.
    he inspired me to always be open to learning new lead styles even though he was light years ahead of me.
    so you kinda have your own little dog pack? :) .

    i will take another look at the 535 wah. it seems neat too. :) . i suppose my only concern with it, is i am not sure if i would use every single knob on it. lol.
    thanks, man. i love it..The doggies are great. I can;t have my own yet, but i kinda think of it as like having a bunch of dogs to nurture till their best match comes along.

    i was looking at your gear, and i was wondering when you got the 535Q wah, what made it your choice?(i am torn between it and a Cantrell sig. wah. as my Xmas present to myself.)..Hopefully getting an overdrive too. Haven't had many pedals at all since I moved last year. lol.
    Wow, I have had 380 visitors to this page and they have not had one single darn thing to look at. I took some time and figured out how to make albums on here and put some pictures in them.
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