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    Show off your Squier

    Squier SE with a Texas Special in the neck, and a Duncan Invader in the bridge. Easily switches from blues to metal
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    Adding Locking Tuners

    Just to reiterate, Jack has it right. Why? The strings that are higher up the length of the peg head require a string tree or shorter tuning posts to pull the strings tight over the nut. Always wind those strings from the top of the post toward the bottom.
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    Joined the club / Affinity review

    Thanks for the follow-up. I recently realised, after years of playing Strats almost exclusively, that I haven't used the bridge pickup by iteself in probably a decade. I'm thinking about a humbucker in my next build that splits the coils in position 4. Anyway. It's cool to hear you still like...
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    Fiesta red partscaster

    Good deal man. Got a .022uF capacitor or trying something different?
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    Happy ending for a P-Bass..

    I can hardly tell any signs of rust in the pictures. Looks really clean, no pitting or nothing.
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    help with strings ....

    Cool deal man. I like 10s on some guitars, although it's harder to bend. If I could play slide worth anything I'd set a guitar up for playing slide and throw 11s on it. But I prefer 9s.
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    bladerunner bridge replacement

    Cool. I've got a Strat with a brass block. I love it. Granted it's not a bladerunner, but I do believe the brass block made a significant difference over the zinc unit it was born with.
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    The secrets to used guitar haggling!!

    Get to know a used shop owner well. Tell him you tell all your friends how great him and his shop is. Buy and wear the t-shirts he's got with his shop name on it and let him see you wearing it when you stop by. And finally, do it all for real. Be his friend, it will work out to your benefit...
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    "Squier" Jag Project Update

    You can take the flame suit off, man. I love it. Why don't we see more of these on here?
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    Nut cure?

    If there were a "like" button I would have clicked it. Good work.
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    If you think anti-Squier snobs are bad, try playing one of these!

    First off: Beautiful Casino, and a great story to go with it. A good story makes a good guitar better IMO. Second: John Lennon played an Epiphone Casino. Just sayin'... :wink:
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    Happy ending for a P-Bass..

    That looks pretty good. I'm glad you decided to keep it. By the looks of it, the Coke did a good job. I got a tune-o-matic that needs de-rusted. I'll pick up a can of Coke for that. Tip: Cola is also good for dissolving corrosion on car batteries.
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    help with strings ....

    ^ Agreed. More specifically, likely a slight truss rod adjustment and maybe a small action adjustment as well. Intonation is probably still okay. But, you probably wouldn't notice much of a difference if you left it alone. Will they bend your neck? That's what strings do. And higher gauge...
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    Newest Acquisition !!

    I'm jealous. Enjoy, HNGD.