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    RIP Jet Black

    My thoughts also Simon. He was still playing up until 2015 which is even more impressive. Give's me a lttle hope that I could still dream of having a rock career at 44. 🤣
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    Seeking some purchase advice about 2003 mim strat

    As some have noted £400 is probably the average 2nd hand price of a Mex Stamdard. They are not IMO worth more given the specs. They are however a good platform for upgrading. I have a 2012 but spent a fair bit replacing the ceramic pickups, trem block, machine heads etc. Plays great now. 🙂👍
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    So how good were you in 1993 then?

    I was the same age as Trucks in 93. However, whilst he nailed it I was struggling with Nirvana riffs. Was much better on bass. I was absorbing James Jamerson's Motown style like a sponge. 🤣
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    Pearl Harbor

    Agreed. There's love for your country then there's nationalism. And nowt good ever came of that!
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    Rhythm guitar

    Actually here's a better example of David Byrne holding up the rythmn end if you can remain from being distracted by Aidrian Belew's genius. Not bad for a left hander.
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    Pearl Harbor

    "War is what happens when language fails". Margaret Atwood.
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    Opinions on signature guitars? Just in general?

    This ☝️ pretty much! Just as long as it doesn't have a signature on the headstock, change stand that! I know who they are! Don't need their moniker ruining a perfectly good headstock. Take note Mr Mascis, Marr, Blackmore etc! 🤣
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    If the Titanic went down today.

    Some believe it was the sisrer ship Olympic that sank after it had been swapped out for Titanic in some mad insurance scam.
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    What guitar does for me that I never thought I would need...

    This ☝️ and then some. Guitar has saved me from myself on many an occasion. Still does! 🙂
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    MIA parts on MIJ body/neck?

    UK based? You should try Charles Guitars . That's where I get all my parts. They have a good selection of stuff that'll get your partscaster build looking authentic. Do a lot of Japanese compatable stuff i.e. Gotoh! See below:👍🙂
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    What do you call a vintage reissue that is now old enough to be a vintage guitar in itself?

    This ☝️ probably would still be the marker to judge by today. We should set this in stone IMO @Scott Baxendale. 🤣
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    What do you call a vintage reissue that is now old enough to be a vintage guitar in itself?

    Any Original Fender Model that is pre Dan Smith era I would consider vintage. Anything else, including re-issues are just old guitars IMO. 🙂👍
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    New Member - Keyboard Player With An Old Stratocastor (2)

    Neck looks like a 66/67? 👍🙂
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    E Serial Number Squier Stratocaster

    These sadly are the threads where @Guitarmageddon input will be missed. Ryan probably would have been one of the first to respond to this giving his no nonsense but honest appraisal. ☹️
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    What's the REAL reason behind your guitar/amp/gear buying?

    Apart from very deep rooted complex mental health issues un-diagnosed by any living clinician and a bank account that i studiously and obsessively keep emptying I have no reason to buy gear. 😉👍