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    Which Colour do I go with? - About to pull the trigger!

    Option #2 for me! I love bursts too, but with the large 70's head it looks off to me. Petty, yes, but just my $0.02
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    When pick ups you generally don’t like all of a sudden sound great?

    That's the N3's for me. Stock in my 2015 American Deluxe. When I play along to CD's ect...meh. When I play alone or in my band, they shine!
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    Replacing S1 switch to normal cts( noiseless pick up)

    But then, just don't push the knob. I've the S1 too, and agree what's the sense. I just leave it be and use the Strat as a Strat
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    Replacing S1 switch to normal cts( noiseless pick up)

    Why? Doesn't the S1 with the switch NOT engaged act as any other volume knobbie? Sound more of a 'make work' project than anything.
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    New pedal day. It burns so good.

    Ok, that's just awesome!
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    Hot rod deville 212 II

    I also have a 1995. But the Deluxe. 1x12. Been my workhorse my entire gigging "career". I'd buy another if I had too. Theres a reason they are in fact the most popular tube amp out there. Congrats to the OP on their new amp!!
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    Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall, London

    Absolutely!!!! The third and last time I saw BB, was in 2012, found my old tix stubs......and he was late for the show. His band musta played solo for a good solid 20-30mins before BB was helped from backstage to his stool......his playing was sloppy, his ramblings between songs incoherent. I...
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    NGD - '62 AVRI Surf Green

    I LOVE Surf Green. Hence my username lol
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    Ground wiring for Strat Gen 4 Noiseless Pickups

    Wow you did a stellar job there. Looks like what @sjtalon said.......factory! I wouldn't have the gonads to try that, in fact didn't even think it could be done. There ya go. Side note, how do you like the N4?
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    Noiseless Pickups, Thoughts?

    Just jammed with my N3 loaded Strat last night and really enjoyed each pickup in each position. I'm gonna keep them in, that's for sure. Maybe my 49 year old ears are broken. Been playing since I was 14, Can't tell the diff between noiseless and tradition Sc's unless one ISN'T playing. In...
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    Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall, London

    I got to see BB three times, in various stages of his career. First show, 1994, he was able to stand, boogie, and put on a hellofa show. Next, 2006, he still was able to put on the same show, musically, but remained seated throughout. Lastly 2011 maybe 12? Man he didn't look good at all...
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    NGD : It turned out to be legit! - Surf Green Content!

    Love it! I've a 2015 American Deluxe V Neck in Surf's such a SEXY finish.
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    Tone Master problem solved. User error to blame!

    Gremlins. Blame the Gremlins.
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    How many of us here don’t own an American Fender or Gibson? And how many of us do, but won’t play them in bars?

    +1! All my gear (guitars and amps I'm talking) are either made in the US, Canada or in the Marshall's case, the UK. And I bought them to be used as intended. That said, if I had a 1957 Strat mint, untouched, yadda yadda yadda sure maybe select events. But, I don't.
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    Mike Tyson punches fellow passenger on plane

    poke a bear, why not? Tool......