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Feb 17, 1954 (Age: 67)
Beaumont, Texas


Strat-Talk Member, Male, 67, from Beaumont, Texas

I'm just an old fart.... leave me alone! Nov 10, 2018

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      I'm just an old fart.... leave me alone!
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    Feb 17, 1954 (Age: 67)
    Beaumont, Texas
    Type this information please:

    MIM Strat Black /Black Moto guard/EMG-DG20 System/Maple board
    MIM 50's Classic Player Strat 2 Tone Burst /EMG-SV's/Cream guard/Maple board
    MIM 50's Vintage Player Strat Olympic White /Gold Aluminum guard/Maple board
    MIM 50's Classic Player Baja Tele Telecaster Desert Sand /White guard/Maple board
    Godin LG-HMB Dark Gold /RW board
    Godin LG-SP90 Dark Gold /RW board
    Godin Progression Trans White /Tortois Guard/Maple board
    Godin Radiator Black /Black moto guard/Maple board
    Ibanez Artcore AS-83 Vintage Violin Burst /RW board
    Ephiphone Les Paul '57 Gold Top /Cream guard/RW board


    Gibson GA-30RVH Head /Brown tolex
    Gibson SGT Cab /Brown tolex/2x12 CB/2x10 OB
    Gibson GA-20RVT Handwired Combo
    Gibson GA-5 Les Paul Jr. Combo
    65 Amps Li'l Elvis Head and 1x12 Cab
    Vox AC15H1TV Handwired Combo
    Vox Night Train NT15H 15/7.5 Watt Head and V112NT Cab
    Vox AC4TVH Head and V112TV Cab
    Fender Champion 600 Combo
    Fender Pawn Shop Special Excelsior Combo Amp
    Epiphone Valve Jr. Head/W 1x12 Cab
    Peavey Classic 50 Head (Black Tolex)
    Peavey 212-6 Cab W/2-Celestion G12M Greenbacks (Black Tolex)


    Peavey Valverb (all tube reverb/tremelo - rackmount)
    Maxon CP9 Pro+ Compressor
    Vox V848 Clyde McCoy Wah
    Custom Audio Electronics MC-401 Boost/Line Driver X 2
    Custom Audio Electronics MC-402 Boost/Overdrive
    MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
    EH Holy Grail Reverb
    Bogner LaGrange Overdrive pedal
    Mesa V-1 Bottle Rocket 2-12AX7 Overdrive pedal
    Radial Tonebone Classic Overdrive
    Fulltone OCD V2.0 Overdrive
    Fulltone OCD V4.0 Overdrive
    ZVEX Box Of Rock Overdrive
    Maxon OD808 Overdrive
    Maxon ROD881 Tube Overdrive/Distortion
    Maxon TBO-9 Tube Booster/Overdrive
    Cause & Effect F.E.T Dream Overdrive
    Behringer VT999 Overdrive
    Vox Valvetone V810 Overdrive X 2
    Expandora EXP2000R Drive Pedal
    Coffin Blood Drive Distortion Pedal
    Danelectro Daddy-O Overdrive
    Danelectro CTO-1 Transparent Overdrive
    Danelectro CO-1 Overdrive
    Marshall Bluesbreaker II BB2 Overdrive
    Ibanez Tube King TK999OD Overdrive
    Ibanez TS808HW Handwired Tube Screamer Overdrive
    Pettyjohn Chime Overdrive
    Pettyjohn Gold Overdrive
    Rowin Blues Nanopedal Overdrive ( P.O.S.!!!!!!!!)
    Danelectro Surf & Turf Compressor
    Fulltone Supa-Trem Tremolo
    TB Strobe Tuner (PC Software Based)
    Peterson Strobostomp II tuner
    Korg Pitchblack tuner
    Sonic Research Turbo Tuner
    Danelectro Dan-O-Matic Pedal tuner (P.O.S.)
    Radial Switchbone JX-2 Switching Pedal
    THD Hotplate - 16ohm Amp Load Device

    Recording & Misc:

    Alesis Multimix-8 USB Mixer
    RNC Compressor
    DOD Real Time Analyzer
    2 x Shure SM-57's (soon to be replaced with e906's)
    8 x AKG D8000S Dynamic Hyper-cardioid Microphone
    Various software packages
    Realistic Sound Level Meter (analog)


    Wherever you go...there you are.

    My Stuff...