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  • Hey there
    What exactly is your avatar or what does it represent?
    I've also seen it in this video. It is on the wall
    Tee H C
    Tee H C
    Old Grey Whistle Test was a UK Rock Music Show aired in the UK during the 70's was more of a prog rock show. Hope this helps ?
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    Hi mate
    I'm trying to do up an old Sunn, pretty much same as yours, but have problems with bridge. what replacement did you use? To my measurements it looks 52mm, but not sure
    Also, will a fender or import scratchplate fit without much fuss? my neck looks to be 55mm
    Tee H C
    Tee H C
    Sorry mate I didnt even know these messages were here. Erm I think to put a standard Strat one on you may have to make some changes to the body unfortunately. ANd the scratch plate of a squier or fender are not compatible either. If you look closely at mine you can see where the person who had it before me hacked a hole out from under the replacement Bridge. ALL done before I got it I'm afraid. But I hope that helps.
    Hi, here is the link for Strat set up and stringing from Fender dot com.
    I'm sorry if you already got it, I seen in the ugly thread about the 60th anniversary CV you were wondering how to string the vintage tuners. I had the same problem once.
    Once you know how, I personally like them the best no guessing lengths like the other tuners. =http://www.fender.com/support/articles/stratocaster-setup-guide/]Stratocaster® Setup Guide | Fender Support | Fender®[/url] It is the fourth one down the page. (tuners) tells you exactly how to cut the strings first. Dr. Guy
    Happy 420, my friend!!

    Seriously, how could someone see your screen name and not be able to figure it out?? :mrgreen:
    Tee H C + FZ!!! I wished I could add you as a friend again after you posted Uncle Meat!!!

    Happy New Year, Tyler...and thanks again for the laughs and the positive vibes!
    No probs man. and you were damn right, so I took it as it as meant my fellow wood and wire plucker.. I need to research before replying is true. and I prefer reefer. I had a HeartAttack inn 2007 and so pipes are a bit hot for me these days
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