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  • i hope you get lucky,if you catch my drift.i want to know lindas reaction.are you gonna hold on to it untill you need to get out of the doghouse?xmas or birthday?ill email you the picture of gordon me and the was my pleasure to do something nice for you,thanks jimmy
    whats up neil?i just got back from the show.even at 71 he puts on a hell of a show 2 hours.hope i can still play in 30 years.the p.g. arrived just in time.gordon signed it"to linda LOVE gordon lightfoot".he realy took his time signing it, its very clear and readable and right in the middle of the gaurd.. sometimes he just scribbles his name,and you cant even read it.ill be sending it out with a couple of other goodies.ill try to get a picture of me and gordon with the the p.g. in the picture. it turned out great but its in my friends sisters waiting to get a copy of it. after the show i met gordon and the band.they where all super nice to me.we then went to the hyatt hotel and hung out with the band for a couple of drinks.gordon goes to sleep pretty early these days,so he wasnt there for that.terry,barry,rick and mike treated me real good.i wish it wasnt so late i could have talked to them may a some of those guys come for the indy 500.i might get to jam with rick the bass player and whoever else shows up.last may they had a little jam session at my buddy alexs' friggen cool is that going to be?ive said enough,take care jimmy
    whats up ?the last thing you mailed me got here in two days.i sure hope to see the p.g. sat.ill have him sign it for you want me to ask him to write a little something to linda?im pretty sure ill be spending a little time with him and the realy excited about tonight,just left my nearest mom and pop shop,and found out brad davis is giving a flatpickers seminar tonight.i hear hes some badass nashville lucks real good latley i hope yours is as well. jimmy
    if you want me to get gordon to sign something for you ,send it to me by sat morn,you still have my address.if not ill send a treat your way.
    I don't know but I was deeply hurt! LOL

    I just recently started doing the friends list thing on here, and every once in a while I look at the list of people who are online to see who I may want to add, so...
    hey tele,im having a great week im busy as can working again.helping my friend get his kitchen back together before his wife cant take it anymore.he called me up to help him get things back to normal.the new strat im hoping to own is something he is loaning me.i feel strange even having it.the more i play and look at it the more im willing to barter a deal on my labor.he has arthritus and he hasnt played it in 5 years.this guitar seems like he might let me buy all about sweat and blood for a strat ill keep for as long as i can play it.then today my brother john scored a classic vibe 50s model for $199.99 its lpb with the untinted neck.its a real player,i cant wait to jam with him this weekend,saturday.the cv he bought was a shop guitar and its got a 08 seriel number of 600 and something.had a scratch or 2 and got it for less then cost.i should have just sent you a money order,oh well.when you see the guitars me and my bro post for ngd,im sure you will understand.thanks,jimmy
    Hey man, I am interested in a maple board Squier neck, I noticed your post to another member saying you may have one..please let me know and thanks!

    thanks,i like to be a man of my word.ill give it another shot.i wasnt planning on iany of this, just like you .take care bro,jimmy
    i dont know what to say.the money will be there friday at the so sorry i didnt know it was going to be like this.i dont have a paypal account my sister lets me barrow hers.its been a busier week then usual for both of doing this to help out another strat lover"lefty"i sure hope im not ticking you off.i guess thats what i get for being a nice guy with little means.i wont send you anything untill i paypal sure by this piont you think im scetchy.thanks again,jimmy
    im not trying to drag this out,i counting on my sister to paypal you,she thought she could do it on monday.i think she can do it today.sorry im such a slacker.
    i hop[e you can wait a couple days .im not kiddibng you when i say i found a going to keep foreever.10 bucks aihjnt **** .i still plan on paypal tonoight .when you see pivcs of my new beast im hoping for forgiveness.
    ill be sending payment tonight.i had an unexpected ngd.its a 99 american standard natural finish rosewood neck.its one of the best players ive played.ill be posting pics still in disbelief that such a buety is in my stable right now.i said stable to you later,jimmy
    thats right on.i told him you would be cool and give a fair price.thanks!!! im going to cover costs to get it to me[im not pay pal smart]i will set up my own account or barrow my sisters account.the fact of the matter is i made myself middle man.thats not a problem for does shipping work?i know thats a stupid question,at this piont you might have a better answer.who would have thought, that 20 year old jack plate would bring the 3 of us together like this. i could make those jackplates by hand all day long,you hooked me up with an original.he told me today he needs 3 using the wd as a templetefor the other two.i hope that made sense...ill talk to you soon,monday sound good?im watching fb sunday,after i work for a few hours.
    hey bud,i talked to my guy about the jack plate.he wants do you want to do this?hes willing to cover shipping and pay a fair price for going to remove the gold[we think there might be a layer of chrome under the gold if not im going to polish and clear coat it for him.thanks a million he is realy happy about me and we can get it set up.he told me he has no online access right now,im just helping him out becouse hes about the only cool guy at gc.i plan on dealing with him from now on.that is, when my mom and pop shops cant help me out with gear.hey how come im not on your friends list do i have to invite you?ive only got one other friend ghost email is [email protected] if you want it.thanks tele.
    Hey how are ya , thanks much for the friend request!
    I do enjoy the forum and you are one of the people I do enjoy interacting with and reading you posts.
    I just got back home from a 55 day road trip with the wife ! what a great time we had , from one end of Canada to the other and back. I didn't take a guitar along . Good to be back with them.

    Thanks again , all the best!
    Musikraft bodies seem to be my best option, i think i'm going to go with a GFS p90 in the neck and a dream 180 in the bridge. Then again those choices might shift around a bit more.
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