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  • Thaus,
    I know you have retired but i just got my Kingsley it took me over 20 minutes to dial in "The Tone"'s an old Blackface Fender Deluxe holding hands with a late 70's Mesa Boogie, thanks and i hope you and yours are well

    Mike V
    Thaus, got funding for the 15 watt Keep from a very pleasant sale on Craigslist. spoke with Simon and got in line for the amp. He currently makes the footswitch with a 3-way toggle as he was not happy with the pot he was using. Any thoughts about that set-up? thanks
    Mike V
    thaus... you're a super duper admin/moderator... can you please delete one of the gilmour posts in the strat forum... it's double posted for some reason,

    cheers my friend

    Hi Thaus,
    I entered a guitar contest : “Playing in the Spirit of Ritchie Blackmore” There is nothing to win, I did it just for the fun. It would be nice of you to check out my video and if you enjoy, why not pressing the “like” button ( the one on the facebook page ) between the 11 April 2011 until 13 April 2011.
    My video contribution ( # 5 on the list ) is called : Stargazer_improvisation with custom shop cs 69 pickups.
    If you don’t have a facebook account, maybe one of your friends have one...
    Thank you so much in advance for your support and your vote.

    How to vote :
    1)Open the link below
    2) Press the “like button” just below this banner: Induct Ritchie Blackmore into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    3) Press the “like button” just below my video (# 5 on the list )
    The contest link:

    The Ritchie Blackmore Protégé Shred Off- 2011 | Facebook
    hi thaus. i joined just so i could ask you a question about this strat of yours!

    just wondering where you got that pickguard from, and what it is? i'm looking to get a new pickguard cut for my black Cyclone, and this version of red tort you have is the best on the whole internet! :) i'm hoping it's readily available and not too specialist. there's a lot of really bad 'vintage red', red/brown etc tortoiseshell guards available but the pattern and dpth of colour differs so much from one to the next.

    if youcan tell me where you got yours from, what the name for it is, or can point me to the supplier you used that would be fantastic!

    "Please don't make assumptions because of a members age though!"

    Thank you so much for that. Rock on.
    I would like to be told about my guitar.It is the same as the squierl fender stratocaster but on the top it is writen jacky it a good guitar or not?and what is its type?please answer to me at [email protected] want to know about it...please answer...
    Hey there Thaus, I see that you are from London Ontario and that your title is "Super Moderator" - Does that mean that you started this site or??? How does this work?
    Some guys are "Members" etc...
    What is with that?

    Also, here's a really stupid question but being from London - Do you know Larry Smith? He is a local musician (great guitarist) -Just wondering
    Hey Thaus,
    Thanks for the reply about Warmoth necks. I've thought about changing the radius on my neck along with a refret but i feel like id be ruining some of the wear thats gone into it over the years and i plan to keep a vintage style neck incase i ever feel like switching things up:)
    What finishes, back contours and nuts did you have on both necks? And what would u compare them to?
    Thanks for helping me out
    Thanx Thaus,
    I have had some knowledgeable people look at it and said a couple od years be worth maybe im told about 9k...and i got people on ebay saying 2k....for 2 k id rather give it to a big name for free to see it up on the stage.....You know what im sayin....thanks for imput...Joe
    Hi Thaus, It's LeMay. Can You Delete My Threads In The Guitars For Sale Or Trade, I Deleted The Attachments But, I Couldn't Delete The Text, Thanks Steve

    The Reason Being Is That, The Kijiji Link Isn't Working Properly, I Don't Want To Delete My Profile, I Just Want To Delete My Text.

    Thanks Thaus......Steve
    Hey thaus, if you decide to sell the CV60s pups I'm looking for a good set for my Affinity.

    I just realized I didn't copy this password down in my comp? I'm signed in, but if something happens and I get signed out I'll have an issue. I found the.. change your password link, but I can't find a forgotten password link? I think I could stumble around and remember but why fool with that? Any help would be appreciated Bro.

    Thanks Gary
    Got the neck this morning !

    Wife called to say it arrived and it looks fantastic ..can't wait to get it on the guitar tonight.

    thaus, I should have known better than to start the John mayer twit thread and it seems like it's turning into a bashing thread and I apologize please feel free to close it down before people start bashing each other.
    thanks for replying. I'd probably get in trouble if I went back. ha ha I did enjoy it over there, but the Army got in the way. they actually expected me to work. ;o)) do you miss Fasching(sp) season ?
    thaus, I saw that you are from Germany. where in Germany ? I was stationed just north of Stuttgart for almost 3 years.
    Hey Thaus,

    Since you were local and seem to have quite a few guitars I was curious if you had any parts laying around that you may be looking to get rid of ? I'm interesting in building a partscaster but would like to acquire as many a parts as close to home as possible.
    Just looking at your partcasters you posted on my thread. Thet are REALLY nice! If ya know anyone with a mim neck let me know?
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