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    Recommended Pickup Height on Vintage-Style Strat?

    It varies by taste.
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    Fender Fat 50's Height ?

    No different than any other pickup/s: use your ears
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    Cell phone app tuner for intonation?

    A great example of the folly of demanding a super deluxe extra accurate tuner to set the intonation.....
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    Cell phone app tuner for intonation?

    I agree; there's nothing special about the 12th fret. Here's how I check/set the intonation: - tune open strings to pitch - fret a B chord at the 7th fret - as you fret the chord, check/set the pitch of each individual string This works especially well on a guitar with a floating bridge.
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    Cell phone app tuner for intonation?

    This is a far too often overlooked point when setting the intonation.
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    Cell phone app tuner for intonation?

    No. Any modern tuner, app, etc., has ample accuracy.
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    Compression Headaches

    Many compressor threads on this board; these two are good:
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    My two Behringer pedals died

    I have a Behringer pedal tuner that I really like. Other than being a little noisy, I've had good luck with the Behringer pedals I've bought.
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    NGD Squier Telecaster Affinity

    Does it have a one-piece neck, or is the fretboard a separate piece of maple? I set up one of these with a one piece neck for a friend, and I thought the slim neck was great (though a little twisted). I did not care for the neck pickup, the bridge pickup was adequate. The bridge pickup was a...
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    Changing pickups vs. Eq pedal

    boost pedals with tone controls work for this too. Try some different pedals before you decide a pickup change is needed.
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    Peavey Special 112

    Mine too. It sounded much better than today's tiny practice amps; it was a real, open-backed amp and sounded as such!
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    bridge conversion

    Just drill the holes; go for it!