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    Any know what will replace the American Original series?

    Fender Flashback Series, Fender Old Memories, Fender Boomers' Series
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    If you could pick between the American Original 60’s Strat or the Eric Johnson signature…which would you choose?

    I've found the EJ not being for me. The pups are too dull and boring for my taste, specially at small rooms volume . I feel this guitar gives it best at loud volumes, through cranked amps. IMHO, it's a great guitar but not for everyone, I wouldn't recommend it as an archetypical strat... I've...
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    NGD : It turned out to be legit! - Surf Green Content!

    Sure! I got a 2012 Vintage Hot Rod 62 last week.. and man, It might become my #1, even though I own a custom shop... Btw, the neck pocket of mine looks exactly like yours...
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    NGD - '62 AVRI Surf Green

    Very nice! I've purchased a Vintage Hot Rod 62 strat las week, and man, the AVRIs are killer guitars! I understand now why people usually say they are close to the Custom Shops... Because I own a Custom Shop (and used to have other 3) and my new AVRI is equally fine! Congrats! HNGD
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    New Strat Has Arrived

    Gorgeous! Congrats!
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    How important is it for you to eliminate single-coil noise?

    Suhr has its SSCII system, I think it is pretty the same idea
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    Lucky neighbors! as mine :D
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    Misleading fender finishes

    This is a 2022 Custom Shop. It just looks like: grain filler + primer + nitro. The finish is really thin
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    Back to bridge Single coil

    I'd put the single coil for sure... I went through the same situation some time ago, and never regretted. One thing you may want to bare in mind is what type of pickup are you installing... perhaps you would like a hot on (plenty of bass response), so the transition from the humbucker is not too...
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    NGD - Wife bought me a Strat and a Princeton Reverb!

    So nice!! Selected weight sorted bricks?
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    previous owner installed them to pull the pickguard down... the sloppy work he did installing the lace sensors and electronics ended up not fitting well in the cavity...
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    I've ended up getting this beautiful Vintage Hot Rod 62 stratocaster. It came with Lace Sensors, but I loaded it with HW Fat50s. Finally, I got an OLW!