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  • hey i was digging your Rory post and if you got a CD player i'd be more than happy to burn and send you a copy of two live Rory Gallagher bootleg CD's I picked up in a record store last summer, it's no trouble and would be my pleasure send me a message and let me know, Liam
    Hi Dan,I cleaned my box out,Hoping you had a comfortable new year,Im not comfortable knowing you are hurting,I just sent Bob out a letter but he is I believe near the Gulf coast it is you and I that suffer during this time of year,sometime we go to Iowa because my inlaws are living there.I have been through Detroit airport.I am frightened by Detroit ever since I caught a few episodes of Hard Core Pawn,anyhoo I wish you the very best and sorry about tripping poochy and yeh we really do own a Pomeranian but I will never publicly admit to it though.It is an obnoxious breed,It constantly barks at everyone either living here or guests,it loves only one Person and that is my bride.So when we have guests,more often than not he is in another part of the home.For a kicker our dog other than the VooDoo eyes on that thing look identical.Take care and be well because they say in another 1100 or so hours it is going to warm up Ron
    Hi, where did you get your jewel lights at. Are they all pretty much standard on all amps or is there a different thread, so you have to get one for the type of amp you have?
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    1/2 inch in diameter. Fits any amp that uses the Fender Style Jewel. I have only the color frosted green. I also have the last known supply of new old stock.
    Good Morning. Decided I would send you a PM. I really do enjoy your posts. I also do pray and hope that your neck issues get better. I am going to see a neurologist in two weeks to see what's up with mine bone spurs. No insurance, so I am kind of worried since my arms and fingers are getting so weak with nerve damage. Anyway. Oh and thanks for that picture of the old guys. It was great. Have a safe weekend. Later from your friend in Texas!
    Thanks. Great compliment. Strange that some Old Guy from The South loves Michigan Rock. Still love Dick Wagner. There is a great vid of him at his 70th birthday jam in Bay City.
    Thanks for the friend request GH.

    Yeah, doing pretty good. Nuts right now with software and database issues at work causing things to pile up on the desk, but at least I have somebody else to blame. Getting ready to take off with the wife and kids down to my parents place in So Cal for a quickly arranged family reunion. Don't know if you caught my big sister who just turned 47 has cancer and congestive heart failure, so we are getting together while she is still good to travel. I figured she would want us all to come to her pace in Virginia, but I guess she wanted to go home one more time. Kind of looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. It will be great to be together, and we will stay on with my folks for a few days after everyone else blow out of there, so I should get lots of time for sitting around exchanging new songs with my dad, which I am really looking forward to.

    Hard sometimes to be the guy who moved so far away from home, but it sure is a nice life up here in Nova Scotia.

    Anyway thanks again for the invitation.
    Just a heads up about your request to have your poll thread deleted. I was told that isn't something that they normally do. The advice I got was to let the thread drop off the page. I just thought I'd share my experience with a similar situation.
    You said in the thread that I started about the $900 Strat that you'd buy the case off of me. Are you really interested? That would make the deal for me. Thanks!!
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