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    What do you call a group of Eric Claptons all together?

    That was soooo bad. Don't quit your day job
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    Silly Question - anybody ever made a P90 humbucker?

    Most do not know this, but lace made a sidewinder p90 first. They were called the ps900/ps905. Mojotone and lollar has to wait for lake's patent to run out before they could use that form factor. Dimarzio makes p90 sized Super Distortion side by side humbuckers. A humbucker made of 2 p90s...
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    Favorite cover band.

    Believe it or not, dream theater. I like them better doing other people's music over their own these days
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    What's the appeal of getting a new vintage style Strat with the truss rod in the most inconvenient place?

    Because people be crazy, yo. Perhaps they worship at the alter of Leo fender? Maybe it's this obsession with "vintage guitars are better", and any little detail has to be just like it was back then? I call that market perception. I can say with near certainty that 9 out of 10 random suhrs...
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    The One Tweak You Did Resulting In A Great Strat Tone?

    You know, I have no idea? The busted cable was probably a made in China POS. It came from Amazon. The old one I went back to is a better quality cable. I do not know the name though. You can tell it is a better cable. Sorry I can't be of better help. Next time I will be sure to make note...
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    New Ibanez Day

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    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    Here is my one and only. 100% warmoth.....and a hardtail. It's one heck of a strat.
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    New Ibanez Day

    Why yes, yes they are. Good eye.
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    New Ibanez Day

    Right? It's an as73g. It's a far cry from the black, white, trans red, or burst (no offense, I like yours). As soon as I saw it I had to have it. When I wrapped my hand around the neck, that clinched the deal. It's very unique looking.
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    New Ibanez Day

    These should be fairly a fairly meaty c shape. Mine is bigger than my warmoth 59bround back and smaller than my fatback. It's like a fatback profile up high, tapering down towards the nut like a regular nut I love mine. They are well built with great necks.
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    Going bald in your 20s

    Late 40s here. Still have it all, except for about an inch of recession at the usual spots
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    What are you listening to right now?

    I listen to a bunch of stuff. My latest forays are Japanese and Greek traditional music. I have a station for each on pandora
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    Unusual or Guilty Pleasure YouTube Videos

    Canking one out to mukbang videos. Is that weird? Lol. I like to watch time lapse videos of stuff being built. Like a dude that built igloos and then stayed in them. Things like different engines operating. And the most odd one is these "training singers or vocal coaches reaction videos"...
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    The One Tweak You Did Resulting In A Great Strat Tone?

    A better cable was my magic bullet. More bass and clarity. I was ho hum before that. The best strat mod I ever did was adding an ec circuit and knowing how to use it properly
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    Saw Yngwie on sunday night and he still has it , check out the pic

    Looks like a blow up doll. That mouth looks like it's ready to go! 🤢🤮