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  • Hey - closest direct replacement of a Tube King would be a BK Butler Tube Driver (which the TK is a copy of,) but they are pricey new - you maybe could find one used.
    The other option is the Sparkle Drive MOD - the "1" mod setting is directly based off a tube driver, but smoother (if that's possible) - it doesn't have a separate treble and bass control, but it's so close to the tube driver I almost cannot tell them apart.
    Just wanted to repeat the message from last week, my friend...and thanks just for being you!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Mike!!

    ...and congrats on things turning around for Margot!!!

    Did Margot have a great time??

    I tried several times to call out to you on my cell, but I could not get into the stupid network. I could not believe how many people were out there. I made it over to the Embarcadero, but I was so jammed up I could barely move. I can only imagine how things must have been at 3rd and King...
    hey, buddy
    I was thinking about amps some today, and I think prob. I will try to snag a gently used XD SUper Champ in a few weeks..That would leave some leeway on if I wanted a reverb pedal perhaps, because the XD wouldn't cost $350..
    I think they go for around $180 used.
    Just gotta find the right deal after I keep saving :) .
    I figured mainly I want that nice, warm fender clean tube tone and since the only huge diff. in the X2 and it is a slight preamp diff. and side 2 models one,, that it would be a better value?

    hey, buddy
    I got Danny Gattons 1st album yesterday...88 Elmira Street, and that was released after his death culled mostly from live performances....I am glad I did....I didn't know it was possible to play like that :) .

    Gives me some inpiration to jam more with other people..That's the best way to get better, right?
    Just went to get the mail and got your bar today! Thank you very much. Think I'll find some surf backing tracks and give that bad boy a workout Hahaha. You made my day, brother. Didn't even need to put the tape on there - perfect fit, and the color is a dead on match too. Couldn't ask for a better bar.

    days going fine...glad you are using the picks....btw i am loving my latest GAS the 87'MIJ with the RW rocks
    hey, buddy
    I played with the thumbpicks you sent me, a good bit today-Got some boogie rhythms going and they worked well for that :) . I think they are gonna become a major staple of my sound,lol.

    Thanks! How has your day been so far?
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