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    1. sojournerz
      Hi ToneRanger. I'm reaching out as I read an old post of you talking about my old teacher Colin Jarman. I've been trying to track him down. He's a genius and it's been half a lifetime and he'd smile large if he sees me again. If he's still alive that is. Do you have any idea how to reach Colin? My brother and I would really love to connect with him one more time! Hope he's still alive.
      1. ToneRanger
        Don't think that was me as the name does not ring a bell - I think a poster named Percy mentioned him though.
        Aug 4, 2021
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      2. sojournerz
        Appreciate the response. I've reached out to Percy and thx for the heads up on this.
        Aug 4, 2021
    2. xstrada
      Hi I do not speak Spanish. This is a translated text.
      I want to change the mics in my strat. And among all the options I've seen are the following:
      Klein Jazzy cat, for me it's the one with the best tone, but I'm afraid of disappearing in the band's mix.
      Klein Epic 69
      Lollar blackface
      Klein 59; I already test them and I do not like the amount of mids they have.
    3. Polarbear
      Hey Tom! I'm liking the new TR logo. Very nice.
    4. Polarbear
      Hey Tom,

      I have a question; when will the TR D.Allens come out?
      1. ToneRanger
        Technically, I guess the Voodoo Blues SSS ARE the TR DAllens! I guess if he gave me Carte Blanche I might tweak a couple things, but the VB's are really close.
        Dec 16, 2015
      2. Polarbear
        The VBs are superb!
        Dec 16, 2015
    5. RPKennedy
      Thank you, Tom. I appreciate your insight.
    6. RPKennedy
      Hello Tom. Given your rather in-depth knowledge of all things Eric Johnson, I must assume you have an EJ signature Strat amongst your herd. If so, how do you rate it in general? Is there anything you don't like about it (them.) I've seen some complaints about the back of the neck being somewhat sticky. I am having a hard time finding one to test out in my neck of the woods. (Edit: I just went through your photos and noticed the 2009 EJ maple neck red one.)
      Patrick Kennedy
      Waukesha, WI
    7. mercutio93
      Hi TR!

      I appeal to your pedal lore and come with a question:

      I'm about to acquire a Wampler Ecstasy today. What's your experience with stacking it with a TS type overdrive? I plan to stack my Super Signa Drive INTO the Ecstasy. I plan to use the Ecstasy as an always-on, tube-grit source for clean tone (I usually get crappy solid state amps on gigs).

    8. tommytele
      thanks TRW...i will check one out
    9. tommytele
      hey, hope this finds you old trusty ibanez Tube king finally took a dump and i will retire that fine pedal...would like your advise on replacing it...i also have a Blues Driver and a Sparkle Drive which cascade well together...had a Tube Screamer for a while and an OCD as well...they are gone now...the thing is I get a cleaner drive tone from the BD and the SD but the TK just had a great fat gnarly drive...much dirtier for certain lead work...your thoughts? btw if you get back to me and i don't respond i am flying Wed. morning to San Diego for a short vacation returning next monday

      Mike V
    10. sevycat
      Howdy, looks like were the old heads around here at this forum now. Most of the folks I remember here have up and moved on.
    11. Papi Lindo
      Papi Lindo
      Hey whats up man? A fellow Panamanian. How long have you lived in Panama?
    12. jguitarnash
      Hey do you know anything about the pigtronix echolution? I have a guy wanting to trade one to me. I know they are really expensive new like 479. Any clue what they would go for used? Thanks so much! J
    13. fenson
      Thanks for accepting the friend request.
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