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  • Thanks for the add. :) - I'm very interest in how that project of yours sounds.. Perhaps we can trade sound sample clips? - I'd be happy to let you hear my M2 ZoD Strat. The idea behind mine, came with the idea that: I wanted a single guitar, to cover as many
    tonal possibilities, humanly possible. - Although I do have other guitars that cover specific tonal areas, I decided to try to take my favorite guitar 'Stratocaster', as far is it would go. - Basically, it's a work in progress, but I am astonished at the results, so far. Here's an image before the new neck, midi-system, etc was installed. --- Take Care... - Max.

    Hey Tony glad you liked my Gold squire - where in Melbourne are you? - i am in the west in Burnside near deer park
    hi i am new here and i was just wondering where u got your body from? check my threead out please :)

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