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    Help me in decision - OSx vs Win

    Get a Mac. That's what the pros use. Be compatible with most of the music world. Costs more, works better.
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    NGD: Gibson Custom ‘61 ES-335 Reissue VOS

    I still have a ton of guitars including 7 strats. But I agree on the Custom Shop 335's. Mine's a 2009 '59 reissue in Cherry. Its good enough that I sold my '67 ES 355 after I got it. (It was a great axe but that skinny nut proved too much for me.) Same thing with the Custom Shop Les Pauls vs the...
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    Custom shop guitar cases.

    Dating myself here. Back in the early to mid 80's I worked at one of the Hollywood music stores. We bought tons of cases from Ben at G&G Quality Case, they made and still make (I think) the Fender vintage style cases. Black tolex Strat/Tele cases started at 30 - 35 dollars wholesale, the bass...
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    When did pre CBS Strats start to gain value?

    Mid 70's. Most players always preferred the older models. And if it was a "pre CBS" the price was higher. Even though most of us at that time didn't realize that the CBS purchase was actually in 1964 so we called L series pre CBS too. To me the quality of Fender guitars and amps remained pretty...
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    Just snagged one of the last available pedals from *redacted*

    I found the Fulltone line kinda hit or miss. Really like: 1) my original '69 big box fuzz (except for that crazy reversed power supply, lol). 2) my OCD 1.3 signed by Rico. 3) my Clyde Deluxe wah, don't like the big treadle though. 4) the Fulltone guitar cables, they sound great. Really don't...
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    Eric Clapton signature versus Custom Shop

    Possibly better wood on the Custom Shop. But I have to say that my 2010 Roadworn 60's Strat plays as well, if not a little better, than my Custom Shop Strats so who know. Play the guitar before you purchase if you can. If you like the EC then why not?
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    Which Strats have a U-shaped neck?

    The 2014 60th Anniversary 1954 Reissues have big U shaped necks.
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    Look for some advice on Nitro finished guitars.

    All my Fender Strats are nitro but I also have a Suhr Classic Pro and a G&L Legacy that are both poly and both are excellent. My Legacy got dropped onstage so it actually has a noticeable ding in the finish that looks real because it is, lol. If your guitar is great just play it. Don't get hung...
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    Tube amp decision

    Used under 1000.00: Budda SD2 18, use a reverb pedal Peavey Classic 30 Fender Pro Jr., use a reverb pedal I've owned all 3, all are good. FWIW I had a lot of repair issues with my Hot Rod Deluxe, not a big fan of Fender's cheaper PCB stuff. But I think the Pro Jr. works well because its such a...
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    Am I about to ruin my resale value?

    I can't see these becoming collectible but I thought the same thing back in the early 80's with the vintage reissues from Fullerton. Glad I didn't mod my 1983 '57 Reissue Strat, lol.
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    Are relics still cool?

    I have some Custom Shop Relics, some NOS, some Roadworns and some older vintage models. They're all cool. The necks on the Relics and Roadworns do feel great. But I don't know if the relicing on the bodies needs to be so over the top, maybe there's a middle ground? (Closet classic?) The bridge...
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    My heart goes out to you over profound partscaster unfairness

    I've played some killer Partscasters but I don't own any due to the poor resale value.
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    Help me in decision - OSx vs Win

    Mac OS all day long.
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    This has been listed near me for 6 months

    Make sure that routing is A OK. A lot of people have it filled in with a custom cut block of alder. To me a single coil with that big swimming pool rout behind it never sounds right. If it had been left stock it would have been a no brainer.