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    I only see Marilyn Mason on youtube..
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    Gen 4 noiseless with Mid Boost

    I am looking for a strat plus. I really don’t like the way LS pup looks. But It doesn’t make sense to change all that crazy wiring. Are they really good or are they that much different from ‘normal’ pup? If u want email me coz I rarely get to see my own posts on this site...
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    What is Strat-Talk to you?

    I can never see my previous posts. I ask real questions but I never can see if anyone answers. I suppose I could figure it out…. I guess.
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    Why Do Some Crappy Threads Keep On and On?

    I just read what shows up in email.. but I have legit question. A 1989 Strat Plus. Lace Sensors were replaced. Does anyone have any idea what these might be before I buy guitar? I’m HAPPY the Lace Sensors are not there coz I do not like the way they look.
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    Should I relic this Strat to sell?

    If you don’t have CUSTOM SHOP authentication, you will just be tearing the guitar up for nothing. Same goes for ‘fixing’ it
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    Which delay to choose....?

    MXR Carbon Copy. SO rich and thick. SIMPLE effect.
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    Authentic metal flake paint

    What paint can be used that will AGE like a guitar from preCBS era? specifically, metal flake or metallic electric blue. I want to try it myself since I can only find this color on Custom Shop Fenders. I do not want the super thick, impregnable clear coat on new guitars.
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    Rosewood vs Maple

    Maple.. brighter crisper I lost my maple neck Japan Strat in a pawn shop years ago... got a rosewood corona CA ‘93 strat... maybe ‘better’ but not the same for me. One of those rock Nroll ****ups. Still sad about it.
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    First "Vintage" Stratocaster, Some Advice Appreciated

    Which when i was coming up were like the WORST... people hated them.. this was 1981. everyone then was changing the 3 bolts to 4. I've heard that Fender used 3 bolt for 'cost effectiveness', which I never bought. How much could they save by changing the whole design just to save ONE...
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    First "Vintage" Stratocaster, Some Advice Appreciated

    right on... Also,,, and I'm not exactly sure. But aren't the mid 70's BIG Strat logo guitars 3 bolt necks?
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    Cry Baby GCB95 Comparison (90s vs 2010s)

    looks the same to me.. I was REALLY wanting the CAE one with the boost and all that extra cool stuff
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    I don't know what I'm doing here

    Mumfor & sons !!
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    First "Vintage" Stratocaster, Some Advice Appreciated

    Do you like the guitar the way it is? I've been playing strat for MANY years, but not a Strat expert. I don't see the value or effort being worth it if you are trying to 'change it back'. You stated it's an EVH STYLE paint job, which is correct. I mean it's cool the way it is. I'd...
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    I wnt a new stratocaster.. Of couse it has to sound good, play well, etc. But first it has to...

    I wnt a new stratocaster.. Of couse it has to sound good, play well, etc. But first it has to LOOK RIGHT! Sparkle blue, maple neck.. would love to see your pics of this combination