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  • I've been hanging out on the Gretsch forums. I've kinda lost interest in Strats and Teles. my recent buy was a 2006 Gretsch Caddy Green Duo Jet. it was one of my dream guitars.
    Well I've seen it on our craigslist a couple of times before. I guess he's just having a problem selling it. Go buy it then let me play it ;)
    Yea I saw that earlier today. Its a great color and a pretty good price too. Our craigslist has WAY better deals though. Once in a while a MIA strat will pop up for 400-600 bucks!
    I've learned that as long as the last name is spelled the same, we're probably related. judging from your age, your dad and I are about the same age. my family settled in Mississippi. and it was a fairly large family. the Wallace's originally landed in Carolina before it was divided into North and South. "Orbit" here on strat-talk is a distant Wallace.
    do you have any relatives that live in the Lincoln county area ? or around Bogue Chitto ? Brookhaven ? what is your grandfather's name ? or even great grandfather's name ?
    Yea they have some killer deals on there sometimes. I bought my roadhouse for about $150! I'm waiting for a good deal on an amp to pop up right now.
    somehow I don't believe you that your no good lol. Everyone here says that. I've been playing about a year so I'm no SRV but if you do wanna jam out sometime let me know, I've been searching for someone to jam with for a while.
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