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    1. capt_goodvibes
      Thats her man, Tal Wilkenfeld, played with him at Crossroads
    2. hogdog76
      Hey I bet you did'nt notice that the gib natuarl lp has a maple fretboard too how uncommon is that.
    3. Extra crispy
      Extra crispy
      The white dots in the 89 rosewood fretboard i did were plastic, glued in. I used a drill that was 1/32 smaller diameter than the dots. using very little pressure, I pushed the drill into the dots. In most cases, after I got into the dot a little bit, it would pop right out. Several didn't, and I had to do some digging. There must be a better way, but I don't know what it is.
      I should mention, that on one, the glue was extra strong and I actually chipped off a little bit of the rosewood. The flaw is nearly impossible to see, but I know it's there, and that has caused me some heartburn.... :mad:
    4. Extra crispy
      Extra crispy
      Replacing fretboard dots.... Not a job for the weak of heart.
      McDonalds sells the replacement abalone, or pearl, ect. (Make sure you get the correct diameter) Getting the old ones out without hurting the rosewood, is the hardest part. It's very hard to see, but there are a couple of dings on my job. (I'm no woodworker.)
      After the old ones are out , you simply glue the new ones in.
    5. johnreardon
      Didn't take too long to make the circle as I used a small trampoline as a template and then removed it. Took me a couple of hours to get all the guitars out of their cases and outdoors
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    1982 Fender Bullet, 2007 AMR Tele Deluxe Blackguard, 2013 AMR Strat Deluxe V Neck, '64 MJT Relic Strat, 1985 Tokai ST-62, 2002 Epiphone Elite LP Honeyburst, 2003 Gibson LP Goldtop Classic, 2010 Gibson 335 Cherry Dot
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