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  • Hey there, didn't want to bump an old thread to ask a question about 2 point tremolo installs on an old Strat. If I'm slightly worried about the integrity of the wood around one of the posts would it be okay to mix some sawdust/wood particles and Titebond to get the tightest fit possible and push the bushing into that mixture?
    Hello...I am trying to get parts for the Schaller tremelo 2000. In your post you said the "roller string guides" were available for 13.00 a set. I've contacted Schaller and Godin, (G4000). To no avail. One of the guides broke, I'll happily buy a whole tremelo unit, but it has to be the 2000. Any suggestions. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks
    I'm always looking for adorama Stratocaster or other guitar deals. When I find them I'll do my best to post them on here. Nice to be a new member of strat-talk.
    Thanks. I will be surf player rest of my life, but i have played my "jazz" type of tunes more and more lately. I try to get slower type of playing of Kenny Burrel and other greats to sound right. I have like 15 suitable for jazz among 65 guitars for that. Loar LH-309 and Baja Telecaster are my favourites. Epi Masterbilt De Luxe is for acoustic swing jazz rhythms.
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