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Feb 10, 2013
Mar 31, 2010
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Lost Angeles
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Senior Stratmaster, from Lost Angeles

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Feb 10, 2013
    1. Dewey
      Thanks for the friend request!
      I appreciate that! :)
    2. hoosierdaddy
      hey would the blender affect my texas specials tone wise seems the neck and bridge dont have there bite??? i want to re wire it to fact specs but dont know a lot about it thanks for your time dave salisbury n.c
    3. nickmsmith
      Thanks very much for the pickups!!!! Got them yesterday.
    4. Rogue Bohemian
      Rogue Bohemian
      Howdy V. You are correct, the cabinet is one of Carl's pieces. I got the cabinet and a Cannabis Rex speaker and it's like a whole different amp. NONE of the characteristics that are complained about with the stock models like boxy lows and ice pick highs. I believe that these two upgrades bring out what the engineers that designed the amp had in mind in the first place. Fender went cheap on these and other components resulting in performance being less than what the amp is capable of producing. You can't go wrong with the pine cab. Carl can be slow to ship and is sometimes not very communicative. That was my experience, but others have given him rave reviews for communication and fast shipping. I guess the stars have to line up just right or something.lol Make sure to check out the Cannabis Rex too.
      Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater, RB
    5. el chif
      el chif
    6. el chif
      el chif
      Im sorry im knew on this ive reading the shedder VN pups post....it seems i have the same problem
    7. el chif
      el chif
      hi? You there?
    8. Axeaddict
      Nope its Dave
    9. yamatele
      Thanks much for the link ! Looks like I'll be replacing pups again !!
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