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Sep 21, 2021 at 8:23 AM
Nov 28, 2009
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Pittsburgh, Pa.

Wayne D.

Senior Stratmaster, from Pittsburgh, Pa.

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Sep 21, 2021 at 8:23 AM
    1. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Here ya go Paul, chrisrtf-aol.com . Hope you guys can get one going over there.
      Do you guys have guitar shows over there? Where vendors and stores have a hall set up to sell their goods, usually over the weekend.
      p.s. wouldn't allow a -at- symbol for the email. So I added a -. Oh those S-T rules. lol
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    2. Rockape
      Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for letting me know about the JV convention (wow! a JV Convention!!!!).

      Could I please ask a huge favour of you my friend?

      Would you please give him my rockape [email protected] hotmail .co.uk email address (I had to add spaces in it to get it accepted for sending), as I seem to be experiencing a few problems with the 21frets forum (or do you have his contact details please; I lost nearly all my email contacts recently)

      Cheers mate!

      Speak to you soon.


    3. Tele like it is
    4. ThaLowEndTheory
      Very cool man, how does it play? What r the specs?
    5. Wayne D.
      Wayne D.
      Yeah you're right Don about him touring. He was all set to do a Tour of Japan a couple of years ago and then his cancer acted up again and put him off for six months. He's only been back on the circuit for a year now. And now his kid is in trouble with the law. A lesser man might have call it quits!
    6. Donald77
      Haha, he probably thinks your one of the wacky hardcore fans.I don't think I will ever see a Dick Dale show, because he never tours outside of the US. Oh well..
    7. Donald77
      Wayne, that's a nice collection of stratocasters you have there. I am Impressed. I was wondering about the neck of your Dick Dale strat, is it thick?
    8. Rick W
      Rick W
      Hi Wayne. I'm glad other can appreciate it. It's actually a Tele, not a Nocaster. I have more pics. To be honest, I'm not crazy about the refin job. It was painted white when I got it. I waited about 4 months to get the refin. I checked everyone out and decided on Fred Stuart to do the work He was called "Mr Telecaster" when he worked at the Fender Custom Shop. I was shocked when I got the guitar back from him and his work was so poor. The white undercoat was too thick, so you can hardly see the wood grain. It's also too yellow. I'll post some more pics on the thread.
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