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    Make EJ strat more vintage/glassy sounding

    My guitar sounds too romantic. Lol
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    HorrorCon Los Angeles, 2022

    I did a few months ago and it was awesome!
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    HorrorCon Los Angeles, 2022

    Cool, the horror movie marathon has already begun in my house. Watched the movie Haunt the other day for the first time. Good fun horror movie.
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    Need looper lessons !

    Glad it helped, and I am using the basic ditto just fyi but I’m sure they all work the same.
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    Need looper lessons !

    Easiest way to explain it is just to watch this video of me doing it lol I really can’t miss now with it. Your hand and foot just have to be in unison on that first note or strum. This video starts with an A chord and you click the moment you first strum it and then when it comes back around to...
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    Which fretboard material do you all prefer? Maple or Rosewood/Pau Ferro etc.?

    Rosewood feels better to me no matter the instrument. Speaking of instruments I assume rosewood was always used on classical instruments... maple basically never on acoustics or violins etc.. it must be for a reason, it’s not as good!
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    Need looper lessons !

    Push your foot on the pedal as you strum the first strum. Click it again the moment you strum that first strum again.
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    At The Dark End Of The Street

    That was some nice Sunday morning listening. Just learned of this song via the Flying Burritos and that’s where I’m headed next. Thanks for sharing!
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    Done Somebody Wrong

    Thanks Yohan!:cool:
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    Done Somebody Wrong

    Playing along to my copy of At Fillmore East. This album and song are so inspiring to play with it just lights a fire under you and ya gotta go!
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    Show us what you're playin' today

    Been pretty much only playing the sg lately but I like this pic :cool:
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    Jimmy Page and the Stratocaster

    I wanna say he used one on Ten Years Gone. My memory could be wrong tho..

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