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    Pending NAD

    It's like a fender/ dumble cross
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    Pending NAD

    Equal parts too lazy and ignorant.
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    Pending NAD

    It's taken two years, but the wait is down to days. The Bludotone is finally inbound. Feast your eyes, and soon your ears.
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    If you have more than one amp...why?

    I've got Allasandro super reverb Mesa jp2c - two of them Fender twin custom 15 And! My bludotone will be here this month!
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    Anyone re-profiled a neck?

    Muscle failure.
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    Undo the format changes?

    Bender is great...
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    Undo the format changes?

    Ok I'll go start my own forum, with black jack and know what? Forget the forum.
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    Undo the format changes?

    I vote we undo this mess.
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    This new format.

    I hate it.
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    Anyone re-profiled a neck?

    Eating through poly is gonna take forever with just 100 grit.
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    Anyone re-profiled a neck?

    Shinto rasp, a spoke shave, sand paper and ur left hand are you really need.
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    Best Hendrix Song? (A Poll)

    Doovoo kid or something like that.
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    Tiger Strat, yea or nea?

    That looks bad and you should feel bad.
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    Custom leather handle for Mesa Express

    I'll one up you. Custom face plates for jp2c. More on the way.