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    Having to pass a sweet Tele

    Take the neck off and find some nooks and crannies maybe?
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    Finally changing positions at work

    Why are you defending a racist anyways? Who cares that he brought it up. He was describing why his situation was less than desirable. I’d mention it too
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    Total refinish or spot repair? Nitro or Poly?

    If that spot bothers you, I wouldn’t go for nitro
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    What BKM means?

    I put my initials in a cavity of almost every guitar that comes through my hands. Lots of folks do it. I know @Lonn has done it
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    Unboxing videos

    I mean if someone isn’t comfortable playing for an audience, or doesn’t think they’re a great player but they wanna share their excitement with people in the same community, who cares?
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    What kind of tie is this?

    Continental tie
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    guitars in movies

    Avengers age of Ultron has a mim fender blacktop jaguar in it
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    Another Craigslist keeper

    Nothing original, just covers
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    Another Craigslist keeper

    At first clear bodies seem really cool, but to me they’re not something I’d want to own. They’re heavy, I imagine they turn a disgusting yellow color over time, and they’re not practical. I guess if I was a touring musician and it was stage candy that would be one thing.
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    Another Craigslist keeper Should we offer him a $3 bill?
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    Lace Sensor doubt: Red or Burgundy

    I love the red lace sensor. The rainbow set is my favorite pickup set.
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    New Mustang Day.....guitar

    I love mustangs! She’s purdy!
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    I keep wanting more

    I currently have three strats, a Jazzmaster, and a mustang. I also have a telecaster, Jazzmaster, and a strat in various stages of a build. And plans for two more
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    What is the model is this?

    Glad we could help! I posted some more info for you as well :)