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  1. Jimi Lightning

    How much relic is too much?

    @revtime Like the yellow with the racing stripes kinda hot rod like. Not fond of the distress job but if that works for you, Rock on! :)
  2. Jimi Lightning

    How much relic is too much?

    Semantics here when discussing Distressed or Reliced.. In the end Relic has become the common term. YMMV If you look up Relic it would seem to be used incorrectly to ageing guitars. Look up Distressed and it appears more appropriate to use instead of Relic.. as it refers to age and wear.
  3. Jimi Lightning

    Fave Les Paul Players

    Ace Frehley Peter Green Jimmy Page Paul Kossoff Slash
  4. Jimi Lightning

    If your Stratocaster.

    For an S type guitar Jackson ( Mine are awesome!) But….I wouldn’t shy away from a Tokai
  5. Jimi Lightning

    What Blues Needs…

    Its awesome to have a well detailed post of some length not filled with trivialities that sponsors honest debate and opinions and not get derailed by trollish answers. A lengthy read is good for the mind and reminds us of how spoiled we have become with text speak, what a conversation is about...
  6. Jimi Lightning

    What Blues Needs…

    TLDR folks…move along. :) Blues is alive and well. IMHO You just have to not be tied to whats being fed to you ..lots of folks are tied to whats popular and don't dig deep music wise. How many folks listen to a full album these days… I have gone through the independent adverts in the back of...
  7. Jimi Lightning


    We cut ours 7 years ago. No TV here and don’t miss it at all. I found only a few programs that where of interest and why pay for that. :) The side effect is someone will ask have you seen “enter show name here” the latest hot show and I’m nope…They can’t understand that.
  8. Jimi Lightning

    The Knack vs. Bay City Rollers

    The Knack all the way. Some Great tunes.
  9. Jimi Lightning

    Any Nazareth fans out there?

    Great band with some fantastic albums (I may have most of them… :) ) Their greatest hits tape was in heavy rotation in my and my buds vehicles in the 70’s. A true classic! I saw them on the “Total Recall Tour” with Blue Oyster Cult, Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash in the early 90’s. Great times.
  10. Jimi Lightning

    I Think I Am Done

    @simoncroft made a good point. How many bands have a single member picked up and rest are left to carry on. Hope you stay playing and keep posting. Rock On!
  11. Jimi Lightning

    Dissecting "Dark Star". An in-depth breakdown of a live DS from '72 with a college professor.

    Dark Star is a movie that I enjoy and have enjoyed for years. Not a Grateful dead fan Burt definitely a fan of this movie.
  12. Jimi Lightning

    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    Squire Clasic Vibe here is my goto..
  13. Jimi Lightning

    les Paul lovers club!!!!!

    Aren’t we all?… :) I know I am, probably explains my Ace Frehley LP I have.
  14. Jimi Lightning


    Lol…Great movie for those that got the reference.
  15. Jimi Lightning

    Kay Univox Effector guitar wiring

    My buddy is hard on the hunt for one of those. Started me looking into it and discovered that after much searching there does not seem to be a user manual, wiring diagram, no specifications on body wood, fret board etc… to be found. YMMV. I listened to some sound samples and the Fuzz from the...
  16. Jimi Lightning

    Time to admit it

    Collectors really appreaciate those that are getting rid of vinyl as its taking up space.. :) You might be suprised at what even some of the ”commons” are going for simply as they are the original release. YMMV I spend a couple hours a week hanging out at the local used record store and vinyl...
  17. Jimi Lightning

    Saw Yngwie on sunday night and he still has it , check out the pic

    “The Five Man Electrical Band” is the full name of the original band that did “Signs”
  18. Jimi Lightning

    Saw Yngwie on sunday night and he still has it , check out the pic

    Niche yes, absolutely… but there’s alot of bands that put out material back then doing Neo-classical material albeit a lot where from across the pond. I tracked down and many and one USA neo-classical guy that I followed was Joe Stump as well as his other bands. Man can he play. “Night of the...
  19. Jimi Lightning

    Saw Yngwie on sunday night and he still has it , check out the pic

    I have 3 scalloped guitars (2 Strats and 1 Tele), Its the way to go IMHO. It does change the dynamics on how you play. I even changed the nuts out for Brass as well. :-) BUT….what I have found is in general that people either love Scalloped necks or dislike them. There appears to be no...
  20. Jimi Lightning

    Rolling challenge ... name that riff

    @Guitarmageddon Well I was close….its music….lol It sounded familiar, my better half said my guess was wrong…and she was right. However Im not overly familiar with the Outfield and thats my story….
  21. Jimi Lightning

    Rolling challenge ... name that riff

    Summer of 69 Bryan Adams?
  22. Jimi Lightning

    Do you like my Black or White custom shop better , im torn

    The white one as it has that nice aged (cream) colour and a proper headstock. The black one is nice. Not a fan of relics though.
  23. Jimi Lightning

    Quack is overrated...discuss

    Yes, But the again Teles sound better…..:whistling: