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  1. Sugarcane

    If your Stratocaster.

    Squier probably.
  2. Sugarcane

    have a hot dog

    This is my original 1979 ITTOD record, still in the brown paper outer sleeve (notice the infamous inner sleeve which allegedly turns to color if you get it wet): This is truly an album full of Easter Eggs.
  3. Sugarcane

    New old guitar day

    That’s the story indeed though I recall the series having started being produced in ‘93, not ‘92 . The very first ones had a “Squier Series” decal like the Mexican ones instead of “Southern Cross Series”.
  4. Sugarcane

    Going to put this here: Your philosophy regarding songs for a set list for solo guitar and vocals.

    Me too. I am a bar/biker club player. I like my audience to be drinking, dancing, making out and fist fighting. restaurants are not my thing, I hate to play while people are seated stuffing themselves with food and talking.
  5. Sugarcane

    New old guitar day

    They have the silver colored logo and the series is called “Southern Cross”.
  6. Sugarcane

    Sticker shock

    Mickey D’s is good. On occasion.
  7. Sugarcane

    Self inflicted beauty mark.

    No idea what you’re talking about. I mean that when you play out a lot you’ll eventually hit your guitar with cable tips once or twice. Especially if you use coiled cables.
  8. Sugarcane

    Self inflicted beauty mark.

    Cable tips also produce beautiful character signs
  9. Sugarcane

    New old guitar day

    I don’t think so. This was a 1993-1995 run that AFAIK was meant for the Brazilian market. Never heard of one in Europe. Some did reach the US. It was kind of a twin series with the black logo “Squier Series” made in Mexico in the same era.
  10. Sugarcane

    Does anybody use footrests when sitting?

    I rarely play sitting down. When merely studying or figuring out songs I put my foot on the footrest of the stool.
  11. Sugarcane

    Time to admit it

    You’ll regret it. At least keep the best of your stash.
  12. Sugarcane

    Just sayin, but…

    …being a guitar player doesn’t get any cooler than John Mayer playing with Dead and Co.
  13. Sugarcane

    What the heck does it mean

    Dude, it’s just an expression meaning that the guitar resonates well.
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    New old guitar day

    Here’s a ‘94:
  15. Sugarcane

    Blues jr iii sounds flat when heated up

    The blues Jr is a good amp, even for gigs. It does sound boxy if you crank it and expect it to sound like a bigger box with more headroom. Take your time, dial in the ideal amount of gain and the magic starts.
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    New old guitar day

    Not all Gianninis were cheap and made of laminated wood. They made several series, some of which were actually concert level classical guitars. I am Brazilian and used to be a classical player until the early to mid 90s. Edit: btw another curiosity is that in the early 90s Giannini made a deal...
  17. Sugarcane

    Guitar World on PC?

    Well I do have a kindle. Will check it out but PC would be better because of color pictures Edit: Oh, there’s a PC reader for kindle?!? Cool!
  18. Sugarcane

    Guitar World on PC?

    I buy the issues through my Apple service. I don’t know if I have a specific login
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    Guitar World on PC?

    Help me out on this one: I buy issues of Guitar World through my iPhone. There’s an app that allows you to pay for the magazine via your Apple service. But reading it in a phone is hard on my eyesight. Is there a way I can read these mags I buy in a PC screen? I mean perhaps by logging into my...
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    Uncle S. Cane’s Ranch

    Just try it with parsley and/ or grated cheese instead of red pepper flakes. Many Italians like it that way. I’ve found out that the main secret to this recipe is to undercook the pasta and add just a few drops of the water to the oil pan
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    This is Mr. Burns pinata

    God, I remember the Simpsons back when they were fun
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    Uncle S. Cane’s Ranch

    Speaking of cantinas, I've heard that one of the most popular Italian pasta recipes is aglio e olio with pepper, which was originally a classic Neapolitan post-war staple. Well, I love olive oil and garlic, so do the math. It's a lovely Friday night at my old folks' place, my wife and...
  23. Sugarcane

    How do y’all handle sheet music on stage?

    Never used any kind of sheet music or tablet on stage. I woodshed until I can do everything by heart before I rehearse or gig.
  24. Sugarcane

    Uncle S. Cane’s Ranch

    Cantinas, Ranches, you know...