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  1. T-Rey


    Awesome looking guitar! I have the Am Std. pickups from that exact year in my partscaster and they sound really good! HNGD!
  2. T-Rey

    When are you on Strat Talk?

    I usually check ST at lunch and a couple of times at night.
  3. T-Rey

    Here we go again....scan week.....

    Glad you have been feeling better! Sending positive thoughts your way.
  4. T-Rey

    Self inflicted beauty mark.

    This my buddy Big Mike's Larivee. He don't mind!
  5. T-Rey

    Self inflicted beauty mark.

    If I get one that already has dings or scratches I couldn't care less but when I have one in great condition I try to keep it that way. When I ding one of those it drives me nuts for a few days. Luckily, it fades though and you won't even pay any attention soon enough.
  6. T-Rey

    I think Norman Whitfield would have liked this.

    So glad they are at it again! I have always heard how the egos run rampant or whatever but there's no denying that they have always been a damn good Rock-n-Roll band!
  7. T-Rey


    So did Gurf Morlix!
  8. T-Rey


    I think Blaze wrote it too but it damn sure suited John Prine! Blaze killed it too!
  9. T-Rey

    What do you like on pizza?

    I like them all except for pineapple. I especially like a white pizza, with ricotta cheese as the sauce, garlic, mozzarella, spinach and mushrooms.
  10. T-Rey

    R.I.P Guitar Shorty

    RIP Guitar Shorty
  11. T-Rey

    Maybe the strongest Owl I've ever handled....

    Very cool! Good job! Thanks for sharing!
  12. T-Rey

    NGD - Finally, I'm legit !

    Awesome burst! HNGD!
  13. T-Rey

    NGD - Robert Cray Stratocaster

    Noice! HNGD!
  14. T-Rey

    Just saw Cedric Burnside

    Absolutely! @Ebidis Glad you like it!
  15. T-Rey

    Just saw Cedric Burnside

    Very cool! Awesome song too! I love the North Mississippi Allstars rendition of this also! @El Gobernador
  16. T-Rey

    Just saw Cedric Burnside

    RL Burnside was his Grandfather @Ebidis
  17. T-Rey

    Just saw Cedric Burnside

    He paid a hell of an homage! @El Gobernador
  18. T-Rey

    Just saw Cedric Burnside

    It was so good that I never thought to take any pictures because I couldn't stop paying attention long enough!
  19. T-Rey

    Just saw Cedric Burnside

    And I have to say that he blew the back of my head off! What an absolute HELL of a show! If you ever get the chance to see him, just go..
  20. T-Rey

    A big happy 4 20 to all

    It's decriminalized in the town where I live. $75 fine and that's it for minor possession. Unfortunately I'm still susceptible to testing at my place of employment so all I can do is dream of the day when I can partake without the fear of losing everything I have for it.. Happy 420 nonetheless...
  21. T-Rey

    A big happy 4 20 to all

    I see why you left GA now! LMAO!