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  1. muttonbuster

    May 15 Lunar Eclipse

    I was out cycling at dusk when it started and could see it low on the horizon. Checked it out again when it was full. I was too beat to break out my photography equipment. I got jaded on pictures of lunar eclipses a few years ago, when there were three full ones in just under one year.
  2. muttonbuster

    Reverb Red Flag?

    Just to be safe, I'd shoot him back a message saying that you misunderstood, and that he pays no fees but you have to do so. Just get it on Reverb's electronic paper that you weren't looking to subvert Reverb's rules and I'm sure you'll be fine. Bots flag the messages, but dollars to donuts...
  3. muttonbuster

    I have gotten used to low hanging...

    That brings up another issue. I think anything above 60% neck angle to the ground should be considered cheating for dexterity, and the penalty should be being classified as high hanging!
  4. muttonbuster

    Public enemy #1

    My neighbors would just love to have some squirrels move in. I'm sure they're getting tired of rabbit every night.
  5. muttonbuster

    Don't just read the title and then reply.

    I hate that. Reminds me of Quora. I am 0 for 3 on there getting something answered. Make any stipulation on there in order to make a question more specific, and they'll ignore it as if you never typed it. If there is one thing that's worse than pontificating, it's pontificating and not answering...
  6. muttonbuster

    Free food for a bit

    Free food for a bit?! Back in my two bits would only get you a shave and a haircut.
  7. muttonbuster

    Most I’ve spent on a single pick (plectrum)

    I'm half way tempted to try my hand making those. I got into rock tumbling about ten years ago, and went hog wild on the tumbling rough labradorite, mookaite, rhodonite, jadeite, sodalite, you name it. All you you need is a tile cutter to cut some slabs, a lapping wheel, and of course some time.
  8. muttonbuster

    Icons with 'special' guitars, a thing of the past?

    Or the other way around. He was pushing Fender to design him something that they thought as being too much of a deviation from a stratocaster. That just opens up a whole can of worms. Then you'd have other signature artists saying well, why can't we give you really radical specs as well?
  9. muttonbuster

    haunting injuries

    That looks hilarious followed up with the start of your signature "What advice would you give a" My advice would be if you're a drug dealer and user and attend sporting events, always sit in the lower levels unless you want to be playing guitar in a wheel chair for your...
  10. muttonbuster

    How to hold the Startocaster - somebody, please?!..

    Stolicasters. Vodka bottle air guitar is getting more popular by the minute.
  11. muttonbuster

    Get ready, Seattle, the sporting of event of the year is fast approaching.

    I'll wager a $10 exacta on Fido and Spot in the 2nd. All they need now are starting stalls and hamster jockeys.
  12. muttonbuster

    Austin's crazy real estate market

    One thing is for sure. This market is going to change in a hurry. 30 year rates have jumped from roughly 3.5 to 5% since the start of the year; and that in the midst of raging inflation and gas prices. The market may have been hotter than a Starbucks cup of coffee, but that's like putting it in...
  13. muttonbuster

    Who did it better?

    That and a dance coach.
  14. muttonbuster

    i'm either right, or suddenly...

    Yeah, I get that. I just don't find EOD (ya know, like disarming landmines) good subject matter for a joke right now.
  15. muttonbuster

    Crystal or stone picks?

    Oh wow, they have even a lapis one.
  16. muttonbuster

    i'm either right, or suddenly...

    Yeahhh. Ummm. jokes about defusing explosive ordinance.....probably not the greatest subject at the moment.
  17. muttonbuster

    A general complaint and request about taste and tact

    I'll only wade into this discussion a few feet from the beach. Ya know, keep my position literally littoral.
  18. muttonbuster

    The return of Tiger .

    True, but there is absolutely no difference in the recklessness in Tiger's crash and the kid who got airborne the other day in a Tesla. 85 in a 45 on a street that has trucks 25 mph, use low gear signs all over it. That stretch of road is notorious for accidents and Tiger knows it well, he's...
  19. muttonbuster

    A general complaint and request about taste and tact

    Now that's one bad a double s mother %^$&%*& actor!
  20. muttonbuster

    Holy cow, it was 99 degrees here today!

    Southern CA. Definitely unusual. It's supposed be back down to the high sixties in a few days.
  21. muttonbuster

    Greatest obscure solos I've ever heard....

    There guys are Swedes. I think normally they're Black Metal, but this instrumental is more bluesly and a bit slower. Sam in cali would dig this song for sure.
  22. muttonbuster

    Holy cow, it was 99 degrees here today!

    🥵🌡️I' think I developed a new way to avoid using the AC and having SDGE rob me blind. I went on a grinding bike ride, absolutely sweated like a pig even after I got home for 20 minutes. I drank a ton of ice water, and now I'm so high on endorphins it's not bothering me in the slightest that it's...
  23. muttonbuster

    What was the first song you learned to play?

    Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (of course without the solos and the harder fills). My guitar teacher tabbed out a few other of the easier ones off Van Halen 1 for me after that. IMO, he had a good approach. Get you a few songs to play to hold your interest, then you start learning theory..
  24. muttonbuster

    Really Reverb??

    Yeah I was really curious how he did. He had a Youtube channel, but was pretending he was buying them for posterity while slowly he kept listing them. I don't think he ever came clean. I believe that Trogly guy or however you spell it did a video on it.
  25. muttonbuster

    Really Reverb??

    Reminds me of that Keith Gannon ex car salesman dude a couple years ago who gobbled up virtually all of Dave Mustaine's Dean stuff that Mustaine had listed, and then quietly tried to flip them on Reverb a few months later. Some he listed at quintuple the price he had paid as if he had cornered...