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  1. Slacker G

    How much relic is too much?

    Yes, I am Distressed.
  2. Slacker G

    Had to get another one

    I like it
  3. Slacker G

    How much relic is too much?

    Partial Relic on Jaguar.
  4. Slacker G

    The horror... the horror...

    Save yourself some time and just buy a lighter body.
  5. Slacker G

    Would You Play Hard Rock on a Strat With a Natural Finish ?

    "Would You Play Hard Rock on a Strat With a Natural Finish?" Only a few nudist clubs around here allow that sort of thing.
  6. Slacker G

    NGD - My First Strat!

    Pink guitars make you feel so pretty when you are playing them.
  7. Slacker G

    When I move

    Yes, you can bring your band to rehearse in a community apartment. But in all fairness you should only use Marshall stacks so that everyone can hear you.
  8. Slacker G

    Well holy s&@t! That’s beautiful!

    Boooo!! You can only play Irish jigs on a green guitar. However, PINK is HOT! I have GAS for a pink Strat.
  9. Slacker G

    I don’t want to become a bedroom player

    Never let intimidation or perceived inadequacy destroy your love of playing music. Music isn't a skill contest between musicians. Get a dog. They make a great captive audience. My dog loves my playing. Or it could be that she's faking it for treats.
  10. Slacker G

    What's the appeal of getting a new vintage style Strat with the truss rod in the most inconvenient place?

    It seals in the tone in when the truss rod adjustment is located in the heel of the neck. That could happen.
  11. Slacker G

    Hot rod deville 212 II

    Or a roadie?
  12. Slacker G

    Happy Friday 13

    I don't believe in superstitious stuff linked to Friday the 13th. When I threw salt over my shoulder some if it went down my shirt collar. I can see that the bad stuff has already started.
  13. Slacker G

    Purchased a Strat, now I'm here

    "Purchased a Strat, now I'm here" That'll do it. Welcome
  14. Slacker G

    Black Hole at Center of our Galaxy (Images)

    There's probably a lot of my stuff that mysteriously disappeared in it somewhere.
  15. Slacker G

    Did you ever get GAS for something you used to have no interest in?

    I sold several guitars that I would like to have back. Pink Teles and Strats have tweaked my interest since I have seen some great looking ones here at ST. I'd like to have one but I sure don't need one.
  16. Slacker G

    New Fender Partscaster

    Cool! I love basket cases and parts casters. There are so many ways that you can change them without destroying their value.
  17. Slacker G

    Avatar sequel

    No way. I struggled hard to stay awake during the first one. It almost made me dislike the color Blue. But do I hope you enjoy it.
  18. Slacker G

    I Think I Am Done

    I quit for around 25 years. I did not regret it. God quickened my spirit to Christ and told me to get out of the bars. Before we get into it over that, he told ME to get out of the clubs and I am not even suggesting that every Christian should do the same. It was easy for me as I was sick of...
  19. Slacker G

    Random pictures!!!!!!

    Looks innocent enough... But in Oct we had a light snow. I had her out for a walk and she jerked me off balance when I was on the ice. I fractured three ribs on one side and one on the other, along with a huge welt on my forehead. But she looks so innocent.. On valentines day, returning home...
  20. Slacker G

    Charvel gives Fender 5% of the credit that Fender is due.

    Has anyone mentioned that Fender owns Charvel?
  21. Slacker G

    Minimal Buzzing Requires Maximizing Saddle Height

    Why would anyone purchase a Fret rocker when the edge of the credit card you are using to order one will work just as well?
  22. Slacker G

    If you could pick between the American Original 60’s Strat or the Eric Johnson signature…which would you choose?

    Other than a Les Paul I don't want any guitar with someone else's name attached to it.
  23. Slacker G

    When are you on Strat Talk?

    Like now for sure.
  24. Slacker G

    Strat talk really truly final greatest guitarists of all time poll as conducted by me !

    "greatest guitarists of all time" Does this mean that the universe is going to end with the final vote?