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  1. telepraise

    '68 Custom Princeton Reverb, changed speaker and WOW

    Great description EC! This has been my experience too (post #11). The break up tone on the cream alnico is just so lush and smooth, but it can do the cleans too. Being an alnico made in the U.K. instead of China makes it a $300 speaker. It was a bit of a gamble but I'm so glad I made the leap.
  2. telepraise

    Compression Headaches

    What I was referring to is evening out levels of intentional playing. All my electric work is in the praise band for worship. When I first started using a tele, I would occasionally get loud unexpected spikes while playing, obviously not cool in a worship service. The Wampler Ego with the attack...
  3. telepraise

    Compression Headaches

    Taming those is what a a compressor is good at.
  4. telepraise

    Avatar sequel

    Yes! I've been waiting a long time for this one.
  5. telepraise

    on-stage earbud monitor recommendations ... ?

    I've been on IEMs in church for a couple of years now. I would consider Shure SE215s ($80-100) to be entry level, there are cheaper Chinese ones, but they are junk. Next up is Westone ($300-400) which my Sweetwater guy considers to be a good step up from the 215s. From there it gets into $,$$$...
  6. telepraise

    Compression Headaches

    To the OP, I don't know exactly what your looking to get out of a compressor. Xotic pedals are great, I have their EP Boster. Wampler is great as well, I have the full size Ego and it's always on. If you switch it off, things suddenly sound dull and lifeless. To maintain the tone of your...
  7. telepraise

    '68 Custom Princeton Reverb, changed speaker and WOW

    I have a 12 inch '65 PRRI (SW tweed) and the speaker does make a huge difference. After experimenting I settled on a Celestion Cream alnico. It's all there: clean headroom, sparkle and chime and a great overdrive tone. So much sound from a small amp. To the OP, if your Bordeaux Princeton came...
  8. telepraise

    Bourgeois Vintage D

    I bought one last year. They list for $5900 new now. As I watched the used market, you would occasionally see one go for $3500-$4000, but that was a year or so ago. Cooked adi top, adi bracing, hide glue construction- you won't get that for under $6k in a Martin. They are NOT vintage sounding...
  9. telepraise

    Grain On My Eastman Top

    I'm not defending Chinese labor practices, I'll pay twice as much for a product made in the U.S.A. when I can find it. Of the Pac rim companies, Eastman is a notch above the rest. The employees in their factory are real trained craftsman and put together acoustic guitars with hand-fitted...
  10. telepraise

    Minimal Buzzing Requires Maximizing Saddle Height

    I achieve a similar treatment using a full length leveling beam. I put sticky back paper on only half of the beam and put about 4 layers of masking tape (~0.010=0.012") on fret 6 for the unpaperd half of the beam to glide on. Blacken the tops of the frets from the octave fret to the end. Sand...
  11. telepraise

    Does anybody use footrests when sitting?

    Yes for acoustic if I'm playing for a good length of time. I use the cheap folding ones made for classical players. It makes it easier to avoid the hunching over of the back. For electric, I'm always standing and using a strap.
  12. telepraise

    NGD: Am Pro Sweetwater surf Roasted maple neck

    Sweet! Is that an ash neck?
  13. telepraise

    Your opinion, please, on Warmoth

    Both of my partscasters were built on Warmoth necks, love them! I was able to get them with ebony fretboards. Pricey maybe, but for U.S. made I'm willing to pay more.
  14. telepraise

    New Ibanez Day

    What a beaut Cerb! I hear the neck on those is really fast. Enjoy!
  15. telepraise

    Overdrive into a clean sound

    Lots of great suggestions here already. One lesson I learned is that OD pedals mostly need a strong signal coming in to work their magic. So if you have a good OD tone but roll back the guitar volume knob, the sound cleans up pretty quickly. This is why stacking ODs can work really well. Also...
  16. telepraise

    Gonna have problems playing for a while

    Skateboarding in Hawaii? I thought you had good water there for that kind of stuff. I guess be glad it's not worse, a head injury could have been WAY more serious. My daughter's BF flew off a longboard and smashed up his ankle so bad he's got a steel plate and a bunch of screws in it. Torn...
  17. telepraise

    Fretting hand pain the next day

    Lot's of great suggestions here Lonn. You can probably find more on the internet. I would try stretches for awhile and see if that improves things. If not, I'd consult an orthopedic hand specialist if you have decent insurance. They'll find out what's going on and prescribe treatment, which...
  18. telepraise

    How well do you know the people on the site?

    I'm active in several forums, this one seems to stay mostly centered around musicianship. Another forum seems to have more of a family feel with lots of threads about life challenges unrelated to music. I've actually seen posts where members shared about losing a spouse, battling cancer, etc...
  19. telepraise

    Heresy? Have I gone mad?

    If you like quack, then a strat is your tool. I've never heard anything else that really comes close. For fat I love p90s but there's that hum again. I've got a yammy Pacifica with a SD p90 in the neck and a tapped trembucker in the bridge. There's a nice palette of choices in that guitar...
  20. telepraise

    Pau Ferro Necks

    The PF fretboard that came on my Player Deluxe strat was definitely orange and I couldn't get past it. I scrubbed it down with acetone really well to remove surface oil and sanded the plastic dots out to 1500 to minimize dye absorption. I used Transtint red brown dye in an acetone base to...
  21. telepraise

    Treble bleed circuit...

    I put one on the master volume of a Gretsch ProJet because rolling back the volume instantly killed the tone (blacktop filtertrons). I found the configuration to be too much so I clipped out the parallel resistor and it was then perfect. The next year Gretsch made a treble bleed standard on the...
  22. telepraise

    The cost of your DIY partscaster

    Both of mine were tele's with buying Warmoth necks (nice but $$) and me building bodies from scratch and doing the finishing myself (long time woodworker). Both came in around $650 and this was several years ago. I tried several pickup configs and did my own wring with premium pots and switches...
  23. telepraise

    Do you use a volume pedal?

    Ouch! we're all IEMs in church but my mix console has a built in ambient mic which I use to monitor my amp. It's not hard to put an ambient mic in the monitor mix, others in the band might appreciate being able to dial some house sound into their monitors.
  24. telepraise

    Player strat 2 months in. Gotta say...this ain't great.

    That's really bad! I've had a MIM Player strat for a few years with 10s on it and it's near perfect. You need a new neck one way or another
  25. telepraise

    Big $$$ on vet bills

    That's the heartbreak of having a shepherd. The last years are hard. You'll NEVER find a more loyal dog though.