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    What Blues Needs…

    OP, could you please elaborate?
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    I Think I Am Done

    Take a break. Count to ten. Step away for awhile. But don't sell your gear yet. Unless you're letting it go really cheap. Then give me a call.
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    I seem to remember reading somewhere that pure, clear spirits like vodka and gin have fewer impurities, unlike heavier drinks like beer and red wine that contain a lot more sediments, sugars and added stuff that supposedly increase the likelihood of feeling rough the next morning, and the theory...
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    Here we go again....scan week.....

    Hell of a thing to deal with. Wishing you courage and the best of luck going forward.
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    My Best Friends Gone!

    Bummer. Lotta emotion with dogs, the way they are always there for you no matter what, the ultimate buddy. A number of years back we had one that was getting in pretty rough shape, lotsa issues, could hardly get up without help anymore, and the time had come to put her to sleep. I said "I'll...
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    Red button sux big time

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    The negative post: What are you just not good at???

    Being a lefty that plays right handed my strumming hand is borderline retarded when it comes to speed. Fast fretting and leads? Easy peasy. Quick pickin'? Not so much.
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    Should I complain or just shut up about it?

    I don't think it's out of line to complain about that. That's more than a little dust. If it were me I would probably send em a photo and tell em they might want to check their stuff before they send it out. Unacceptable, especially when there are outfits like Sweetwater that are putting the...
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    Could I see your partscasters?

    Dang, that's a serious whammy. Looks like something you could remove and use as a weapon.
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    Should I complain or just shut up about it?

    Pet peeve of mine. When you buy something new it should look new. Unless it's a discounted scratch and dent thing. We don't expect other new products to come out of the package dirty, why is it ok for a guitar that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars? Even if it's a guitar that is out of...
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    Your weird claim to fame.

    Used to fly private jets that were chartered by the rich and famous, too many to mention, most were very nice people, only one or two were not. Our favorite though was Bill Murray. We were taking he and some friends from San Francisco to LA and he kept coming up to the cockpit, talking to us...
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    After Your Divorce

    Maybe I'm lucky, my wife doesn't care if I do all these things anyway, so I guess I don't have to get divorced.
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    Saddles and bridge compatibility for the Fender Strat performer series

    I put graphtech center screw 2 1/16 spacing saddles on my Performer Strat, fits perfect.
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    just dont

    I went to put my contacts in once right after cutting up some jalepenos. Felt like I poured Drano in my eyes. Apparently just rinsing your hands off is not sufficient after handling those puppies.
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    Thrup’ny Bit

    Yeah, might be time for him to get a hobby.
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    This Is Genius

    Yeah just add a few charred brats on the grill there to complete the unappetizing scene......................
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    Why ya crackin on Joe ?

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    Expensive Guitars-Let’s see em

    I could maybe join the club if I sold all four of my guitars and saved up some recyclables money.
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    If I ran a Guitar Center store...

    Apparently gc doesn't need to check any of the guitars they put out on display, the sell em by the truckload thank you very much so why bother? Drives me nuts going in there, picking up something that catches my eye, only to find out the action and setup are jacked and it plays like a pig. I...
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    Need Advice

    I have an American Performer Strat and an MIM Player Tele. The Player is a fine guitar, fit and finish is 90% of what the what the Performer is, which is flawless. Plenty of good cheaper guitars out there. An HSS Strat will be one of the most versatile guitars you can buy. Clean n jangly to...
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    Anyone for AC/DC and George Benson?

    Who's the drummer? He's playing Sonor drums but does not look like Phil.
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    Chasing someone's tone or finding your own?

    I'm always chasing my own tone only to realize once I find it it's somebody else's.
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    Non Debate Clip On Tuner Thread

    By the way, TC Electronics Poly Tune clip on tuners in black, on sale at Sweetwater, reg. $45, now $39.60, cheapest I've found.
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    Non Debate Clip On Tuner Thread

    Yep, TC clip ons. Built well, accurate, good battery life, stays on your guitar and folds out of the way when you're not using it. Got to be the best tuners I've tried for the price.