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  1. LivingMyDream

    I really don't think I like locking tuners much, at all.

    I recently bought a set of Fender locking tuners. I have four Strats and three of them have the vintage split top tuners (love them), and one, a 2009 MIM had the MIM standard tuners. I wanted to try out the locking tuners, so I changed them out on Monday. I don't know that I'll love them...
  2. LivingMyDream


    Cool PRS guitars, Connecticut! I had a PRS SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24 that I foolishly included in a trade for another guitar. This year, though, I bought the PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo and it is everything that I hoped it would be . . . and then some.
  3. LivingMyDream

    Which Strats would you marry, kill, and play once?

    1. What’s your favorite Strat that you’ve owned? This one. It's a 2009 Standard Stratocaster, and I can't really put my finger on just why it is so special, I can only say that my ears tell me that it is. 2. What Strat that you’ve ever owned would you want to burn. I can't think of a...
  4. LivingMyDream

    My job...

    @Stormy Monday, I'm bummed that your job here is done. I was really looking forward to enjoying more of your baked goods in the Strat-Talk lounge. :)
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    Fender 12" radius fingerboard

    No, the pickups are passive Vintage Noiseless pickups, which I have noticed give this guitar a slightly higher voice than my other Strats. Its big difference is that it has a push button to add the bridge pickup to the neck pickup and neck-mid pickups. The only Strat I own with an active...
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    Fender 12" radius fingerboard

    My 2012 Deluxe Player's Strat has a 12" radius fretboard, too.
  7. LivingMyDream

    How do you test your guitars?

    I'm absolutely with Antstrat on this. The color may grab my eye, but if these three criteria aren't met, it's a no go. There is one other factor for me. I like a guitar that has resonance to it, so there is a certain song that I play that has a G6/E chord in it. That may sound exotic to...
  8. LivingMyDream

    CL ad of the day

    Definitely collector's items that would look glorious on the wall, so I totally understand him being firm on his pricing. :rolleyes:
  9. LivingMyDream

    If you had to pick three guitars to do "everything" which ones would you pick?

    My 3 would be 2 Strats and a hollowbody: Fender Deluxe Players Strat with a push/push button to and the bridge pickup to the neck or neck and middle pickups. I can get reasonable Tele tones out of it, especially because the Vintage Noiseless pickups make this my brightest sounding Strat. A...
  10. LivingMyDream

    Quick Product Endorsement…

    I like the idea of those Fender control knobs. I have an Ibanez AM93 that has Fender shaped control knobs with rubber around the upper part of the knob. I always thought it was a superior design, because it was so easy to grip with the side of a hand. I'm glad Fender has caught up.
  11. LivingMyDream

    Whatsa man gotsa do!?

    Been there, heard that. Amazingly, nothing they listen to is ever annoying.
  12. LivingMyDream

    Which of these 3 would you get?

    Maybe it's my perfectionism, but I like #1 because the dark edge is more uniform in width, and I like the lighter center of the burst. I do like the grain pattern of #3, but the dark edge is less uniform. As to the weight differences, I have 4 Strats of varying weights and I don't consider...
  13. LivingMyDream

    Elliot Ness is onto me see. (Gangster voice)

    It's really amazing that such calls actually work. They must work well, though, because the number of spam calls and down right fraud calls are continuing to increase. :thumbd:
  14. LivingMyDream

    Hello from North Dakota!

    Welcome to Strat-Talk, Rickety!
  15. LivingMyDream

    Anybody Here Like Ibanez Guitars? NGD x 6 Not Reported Until Now

    I've had three. The first two are no longer with me. Back in 2004, I bought a new Ibanez EW20ASE Figured Ash acoustic-electric that looked like this one. Nice player. Also bought this AS73T semi-hollow in 2004, but I bought it used. Also a nice player, but I was getting more into Strats...
  16. LivingMyDream

    What is the importance of color to you?

    There are certain colors that catch my eye, and will make me take a guitar down off the wall. After that, it's all about the feel and the tone. If either of those factors are not to my liking, it won't matter what the color is, it goes back on the wall and I walk away.
  17. LivingMyDream

    NGD: 2016 Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Telecaster

    That's a beautiful Tele! Congrats on your new "keeper," mazzolar59!
  18. LivingMyDream

    Gretsch pickups?

    Please excuse my presumption. :oops: It is nice to make your acquaintance.
  19. LivingMyDream

    So did your results exceed your expectations in joining this forum?

    I've been on the Grestch-Talk forum because I had gotten into the Gretsch sound. One day it occurred to me that I have 4 Strats so maybe I should check out a Strat forum just to see what I could learn. Since Strat-Talk is a sister site to the Gretsch-Talk site, I came here and I'm glad I did...
  20. LivingMyDream

    Never had a Bigsby before…. Opinions please

    I have several Gretsch guitars with a Bigsby, and I will say yes to everything said above. I actually have a soft spring in each of my Gretsch guitars, and the soft spring just makes it easier to use because you don't fight the spring. As to tuning stability, as with a Strat, a well cut nut has...
  21. LivingMyDream

    Gretsch pickups?

    CalicoSkies, what you said it very true. Since he had Blacktops, I was just trying to help him know what he had. I started my Gretsch experience with the "Gretschbuckers" in a 5120, so I found to be a nice step up. Honestly, it takes a little fine tuning (pickup height and polepiece...
  22. LivingMyDream

    Gretsch pickups?

    Gretsch Blacktop Filtertrons will give you nice chime in your tone. They are also considered to be a bit more aggressive than the Gretsch High Sensitive Filtertron pickups of Gretsch's pro line. Add a bit of gain, or just volume, and the Black Tops can growl a bit, not like a standard...
  23. LivingMyDream

    No tip for you today!!!

    I've been on both sides of the tipping issue, so I tip well. I will also tip generously well for extraordinary service. What I don't like is that more and more businesses are putting out tip jars, which suggests that the businesses are underpaying employees and expecting their customers to...
  24. LivingMyDream

    Does a 50s Strat limit what you can play?

    I agree that although Strats can come with slight variations, how you dial in your tone is up to you. Buy the one that speaks to you with its feel and voice, then dial it in as you need with your amp, and pedals if that's what you want.