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  1. bbarott

    Ash Body

    This. Yeah it's soft and if I need to do something about the strap buttons, it's worth it.
  2. bbarott

    Seeking outdoor gig advice

    You're gonna be louder outside than it will sound to you onstage because of the lack of reflection. Resist the urge to turn up unless you are asked too.
  3. bbarott

    How much should you invest $$ .

    You will never be any better than the instrument you are playing. That said it doesn't take much to get an really nice guitar these days.
  4. bbarott

    Ever buy/aquire any cool guitars before you knew what you were doing?

    No, but I have gotten rid of a few that way ... :(
  5. bbarott

    Big headstocks - my own observation...

    Robin Trower sure likes 'em. He'll tell you they resonate better.
  6. bbarott

    "Tube reverb"...OK, I'm confused

    I run a Lexicon digital effects rack in my 'studio' (such as it is) and the plate reverb on that thing is incredible, particularly over a drum mix.
  7. bbarott

    A general complaint and request about taste and tact

    It is, if it's the best you can do.
  8. bbarott

    A general complaint and request about taste and tact

    They should endeavor to express themselves in proper, even interesting language. It is much more evocative than saying '****' all the time.
  9. bbarott

    A general complaint and request about taste and tact

    Speaking is one thing, profanity can be used to effect and yes I do it myself. But bumper stickers, t-shirts? Really?
  10. bbarott

    A general complaint and request about taste and tact

    Yes, but there are so many more words, phrases and lingual constructs that say it so much better.
  11. bbarott

    A general complaint and request about taste and tact

    Here here! Cusswords and slang are a sign of limited vocabulary and an inability to use language to it's potential. It's a sign of laziness, stupidity and it's about time someone noticed. 👍
  12. bbarott

    As Im Now a Citizen....

    Ya know, if it had to be put in a one liner, pretty sure this ^^^^ is it! :p:p
  13. bbarott

    The CD lasted 30yrs, how long do you give the internet?

    The internet, meaning the global network of connected devices will remain a long time. It will morph, IPv6 will come into it's own, protocols will come and go. Anyone remember Archie? This was before the WWW, which will eventually be replaced by yet another set of protocols. But the net...
  14. bbarott

    As Im Now a Citizen....

    Items #2 and #3 are because it sells. As to the first, I really cant. I write it off to inbreeding. Some things just are.
  15. bbarott

    Seymour Duncan Antiquity 2 Surfers.

    Slightly off topic but that's just about the prettiest wood I've ever heard of on a Fender neck.
  16. bbarott

    RIP @heltershelton

    This is not welcome news. Did not know him as well as I would have liked. But well enough to know he was the real deal. Yes, he will be missed RIP buddy ...
  17. bbarott

    Gear shaming? We still doing that?

    Some probably do/are dicks. Then again a working musician gets the tools he needs for the job, and understands at the end of the day they're tools. I remember watching a video of Yngwie back in the day for reasons long forgotten and he pulled a really nice guitar from a middle of a pile of...
  18. bbarott

    Gear shaming? We still doing that?

    Real musicians never gear shame. If someone does, tag 'em and move on.
  19. bbarott

    Your thoughts? Is it a Bad to hang your guitar?

    No, it's probably the best storage method there is.
  20. bbarott

    Will Smith punches Chris Rock at the Oscars

    If Rock did that he had it coming. Razz the principle (Will) all ya like but family is off-limits. He's lucky he wasn't fired, and if it were me that's exactly what I would do. Can't have that **** at these sorts of events.
  21. bbarott

    What's with all the missing back plates?

    Allows chipping on the edges of the route-out. I keep mine on, but some folks seem to think it's 'cool', whatever 'cool' is.
  22. bbarott

    My Taylor STINKS.

    Packets of armand hammer baking soda can work wonders.
  23. bbarott

    Expensive turkey gone and good riddance.

    Ditto, I never have and never will buy a guitar without playing it first.
  24. bbarott

    How to get a clean/clear vocal recording?

    This is one of the hardest things to do that there is. Recording a kit by comparison is comparatively easy.
  25. bbarott

    It's official - not made for Strats!

    No need to be 'fair'. That's screwed up and should not have happened.