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    Which MIJ '80s Stratocaster is worth buying?

    Put you on my ignore list and continue to say what I want to say. How 'bout that jackhole?
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    DIY glass slide

    I've been really liking this Ariel Posen signature Rock Slide slide I got for Christmas...
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    Which MIJ '80s Stratocaster is worth buying?

    None. Most 80's and 90's MIJ Fenders have been significantly modified and/or have significant wear and damage. They are also vastly overhyped by sellers trying to convince you that they have some mystical, magical, "mojo" that no other guitars have. If you were to happen to luck into finding...
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    Anyone seen “Outbreak”?

    Don't watch Utopia on Amazon Prime.
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    Tell me baby, whats your story?

    As I've stated before, most 80's and 90's era MIJ Fenders I've seen have been extensively modded and/or had substantial wear or damage. Yet, sellers try hard to hype them on their MIJ "mojo". Therefore, I recommend avoiding them unless you happen across a great example that you can personally...
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    Fuzz pedal recommendations

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    What's your Favorite Distortion Pedal and Why?

    This Rat clone since 1988.
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    Oh Strat-Talk, speak to me of the Peavey Bandit 112

    Bandits are really good and reliable amps. They don't sound that great by themselves, OK, just not great. But they're fantastic platforms for pedals and modeling units. I've used mine, a Bandit 65 I bought new in 1987, with everything from a Rockman to modern modeling units.
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    Repurpose an unplayable guitar?

    Here's what I did with a 70's Epiphone acoustic. The body was too warped and damaged to repair but the neck was OK. I still have the body around here but I haven't decided what to do with it yet.
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    Player plus strat vs American performer

    The confirmation biasing is better on the American Performer.
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    Value guitars! We can't all have 2+ grand or vintage guitars. So lemme see your value eyecandy.

    I've never paid over $1000 for a guitar, although I have a few that would be in the $1500 to $2500 range now if adjusted for inflation. Here are a few of mine, partscasters, mod/repair projects, kits and a couple that are still as they were new but cheap.
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    Thoughts on Japanese ST-57 strats

    I'll just have to agree to disagree on that, at least based from what I've seen around here. Virtually every example I've seen has been extensively modded or in poor condition. But, owners/sellers claim that they're the "Holy Grail" of tone. I'd never buy one over a modern production Fender.
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    Thoughts on Japanese ST-57 strats

    My recommendation is to avoid buying one of these vastly overhyped guitars that often feature significant modifications and/or physical damage.
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    DIY glass slide

    I bought this glass bottle cutting kit from Amazon and it worked OK, most of the time.
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    Newer ones are rather rare in the US since Fender doesn't allow the import that many MIJ models as they do to the rest of the world. Most of the ones you'll find are ones that were imported in the 80's and 90's and are very likely to have been modded to some degree. When people sell them, they...
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    I was exaggerating, a little bit. Most MIJ Strats from the 80's and 90's I've seen in the wild have been extensively modified. Usually this includes a pickup/electronics swap, new tuners and sometimes a new bridge/trem assembly. I even ran across one where the only thing original was the body...
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    Will the real David Gilmour please stand up?

    Nah. Most of the old timer guitar players are well known technophobes. Even some of the younger ones are less than tech savvy and have "social media consultants" to help them promote themselves online.
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    The MIJ as long as you do like every other MIJ owner and swap out the pickups and electronics, the bridge/trem, the tuners, the string trees, the neck and the body.
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