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  1. Yaralag

    Pawn shop grab

    Love that! Very cool looking!
  2. Yaralag

    How to test 9V batteries

    Wow that video was so bad I watched the entire thing.
  3. Yaralag

    New Jazzmaster Day

    Looks like a fun guitar. Enjoy!
  4. Yaralag

    What strings do you use?

    Been using Boomers lately.
  5. Yaralag

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Made my heart drop in my chest when I saw it. All time favorite band for sure.
  6. Yaralag


    I haven’t heard anyone use hella in a hella long time.
  7. Yaralag


    Does it say something about you? I truly hope not! :p
  8. Yaralag

    It's Saturday Night

    I was probably in my tighty whiteys. :cool:
  9. Yaralag

    It's Saturday Night

    Ahhhh memories. I had a BCR album when I was about 5 years old. I remember dancing around my bedroom to that song.
  10. Yaralag

    Any Ian Anderson fans?

    Thank you kindly for that tasty morsel. :D
  11. Yaralag

    Had to say goodbye to my best little buddy

    So sorry, she looked like a nice kitty.
  12. Yaralag

    Any Ian Anderson fans?

    What an excellent bass tone. In an era when most electric bass sounded like muddy garbage that was pure and woody and delicious.
  13. Yaralag

    Any Ian Anderson fans?

    Awesome. I love his voice and song writing skill. I have many good memories of getting lost in Jethro Tull records. I think I’ll do it again.
  14. Yaralag

    Costco Chicken anyone

    Love Costco
  15. Yaralag


    My god man can you still hold a pick?
  16. Yaralag

    For all 6 of you Rush fans

    Lifetime Rush fanatic here.
  17. Yaralag

    What kind of blues you got?

    Great playing @Brian H Always killer!
  18. Yaralag

    If I had a dollar...

    You get one like for this post.
  19. Yaralag

    Buddy Guy on PBS

    Thanks for posting that! I’ll have to set aside some time this evening.
  20. Yaralag

    1950s Stratosphere Twin - Cool Rare Guitar

    So cool. Jimmy Bryant was so good.
  21. Yaralag

    Songs I Wish I Had Written

    Two greats for sure!