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  1. Electgumbo

    Knot on my American Strat

    Kill it! Kill it with Fire!!!! Spread the ashes across a Guitar Center Parking lot on a night of a Full Moon! …. No really Shut Up! Play it if you can! Yeah Welcome … sure that’s the ticket 😎
  2. Electgumbo

    Maddie gets a Degree…

    It was such a nice day for the whole family. She has wanted to be Laura Croft since she was a little girl… she always wanted to be Tomb Raider… shes on her way and got the paper to prove it…
  3. Electgumbo

    Another "I need a fuzz pedal thread"

    I have a Rusty Fuzz among others… it’s pretty awesome for the price. Lots of good suggestions… Fulltone 69’s, Dunlop/MXR Jimi Hendrix/ Classic Fuzz … that Monterey pedal has a good fuzz in it. Hopefully you’ll find something you like.
  4. Electgumbo

    Maddie gets a Degree…

    Thanks Everybody! It’s been a long day but it’s been wonderful…. Lots of friends and family burgers and beer! Proud of both my girls! But today was Maddie’s!!!
  5. Electgumbo

    Maddie gets a Degree…

    I think she wants to find a job and try Grad school in a year or so…
  6. Electgumbo

    Maddie gets a Degree…

    My youngest daughter Maddie graduated from College with a degree in Anthropology today. I’m so proud of her. And maybe I didn’t screw up everything after all…..
  7. Electgumbo

    NGD! 2020 Gibson SG Special!

  8. Electgumbo

    First rehearsal with new band, so stoked.

    Congratulations! Hope it all comes together for you!!!
  9. Electgumbo

    Happy Friday 13

    Aww geez! I have to go out and run errands… darn!
  10. Electgumbo

    Demonfx DuelGun…. Duellist Clone

    Wow! 2K YouTube views….
  11. Electgumbo

    When are you on Strat Talk?

    Nope your normal like me…
  12. Electgumbo

    When are you on Strat Talk?

    I’m almost always checking this site.
  13. Electgumbo

    Jazz Guitar Sound Test Comparison - Gibson, D'angelico, Ibanez, Epiphone, Tokai, Minarik, No Talking

    @onacarom Wonder what you would think of my Eastman El Rey 3. It’s a arch top but it doesn’t have any F holes…. I like it a lot…
  14. Electgumbo

    NGD Custom Shop 69 roadworn strat

    Very cool Dawg!
  15. Electgumbo

    Fender 64’ Custom Shop HW Deluxe Reverb

    Well I looked and there doesn’t seem to be a Club for this amp. So I’m making one. I’ve owned the 64’ CS Deluxe for about a year. I ordered it myself from the Custom Shop and they were very nice about it. I hope other 64’ CS Deluxe owners find this thread. What can I say but it is perhaps the...
  16. Electgumbo

    Decibel meter for home use?

    I have the DB meter app in my IPhone. Works well enough..
  17. Electgumbo

    Electgumbo... What I Do?

    @StratAlchemist Oh that video??? I’m sure it’s from a 2012 festival gig. I just decided to post it in 2014. I’m pretty sure I’m playing thru the sound companies back line Twin. Using a Wampler SLOSTORTION pedals as a overdrive… it was the second gig of the night so we were kinda warmed up… I...
  18. Electgumbo

    Electgumbo... What I Do?

    @simoncroft Well its my third attempt. I had to play into a Ditto looper and have it play back the licks so I could hold the cell phone/camera and manipulate the pedal with my free hands. Getting the output of the Ditto equal to a guitar was also critical to get the pedal to sound correct. And...
  19. Electgumbo

    Electgumbo... What I Do?

    It’s this one….
  20. Electgumbo

    Demonfx DuelGun…. Duellist Clone

    The Dualgun demo clip has pasted 1.9K views…
  21. Electgumbo

    Electgumbo... What I Do?

    YouTube clip just passed 1.9K views… dats insane..
  22. Electgumbo

    Time to admit it

    I still spin vinyl…. ❤️ the sound of it…