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  1. PeteGeordie

    How many of us here don’t own an American Fender or Gibson? And how many of us do, but won’t play them in bars?

    Mine are made in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, China, Taiwan and Mexico .. and every one is a top quality instrument!
  2. PeteGeordie

    What’s Your Ear Worm at the Moment

    Dido - white flag For complicated and messy reasons There are tears
  3. PeteGeordie

    How many guitars do you have?

    too many, yet not enough
  4. PeteGeordie

    What was the first song you learned to play?

    Wishbone Ash - Warrior
  5. PeteGeordie

    As Im Now a Citizen....

    I've been to Falmouth for this a couple of times My liver survived. Just.
  6. PeteGeordie

    As Im Now a Citizen....

    Not forgetting sea shanties. Which is again ... "Usually pipe smoking middle aged bearded men in arran sweaters drinking real ale from tankards." I love a good shanty me ;-)
  7. PeteGeordie

    Should I change the strings on my Strat?

    Change the guitar that is under those strings.
  8. PeteGeordie

    Playing without protection...

    I use those Dunlop plastic locks and never had a problem. They are cheap and work great
  9. PeteGeordie

    When do you become a "luthier".

    I would also say that if someone has Luthier qualifications that does not make them a Luthier. I have degrees in Chemistry but I am not a chemist.
  10. PeteGeordie

    When do you become a "luthier".

    So the person who built the first Lute wasn't a luthier as he wasn't qualified? No qualifications are need to be skillful and be a luthier
  11. PeteGeordie

    What’s the most overpriced gear ?

    Golf clubs. A decent new driver is £450 and will last 5 years (or 3/4 the amount I play). So I'll play my broken one for another year or two and look again at that Epi-335 "inspired by" @ £550
  12. PeteGeordie

    Making tools

    Blessed are the toolmakers
  13. PeteGeordie

    Wishbone Ash this Sunday !

    One of the first bands I ever saw live. Still play their stuff when I pick up a guitar.
  14. PeteGeordie

    I just spent £150 on nothing at all

    Yeah it's why I sell stuff as buy it now and accept offers. I assume £150 is eBay's % of the reserve
  15. PeteGeordie

    Who is playing Wordle? And have you seen Quordle???

    Yeah. I'm in. Better before the NYT started editing the dictionary telling me LYNCH was not a word. Quordle is good too. I love puzzles. My day starts with The Times (UK) puzzles while I have my cuppa tea in bed. I wish I could play guitar as well as I can solve puzzles.
  16. PeteGeordie

    Neck profiles

    No idea. I pick up a guitar and play it and don't think about it.
  17. PeteGeordie

    Poll: Preferred String Spacing...

    I like my low E to not fall off the fretboard. I like my high E to not fall off the fretboard. even spacing in between simple
  18. PeteGeordie

    UK and Northern Europe folks, please check in

    A large garden chair that take two of us to lift was tossed 30ft up the garden and broke a couple of legs. Worst thing was the golf course was closed.
  19. PeteGeordie

    This Fender is real or fake

    Interesting stringing!
  20. PeteGeordie

    What are you playing

    Starship Trouper - Yes Usually not on the strat though.
  21. PeteGeordie

    For those of you who are tonewood deniers...

    I have an off-cut from a walnut kitchen work surface that is screaming at me
  22. PeteGeordie

    Two More Days….

    I'll be one in ST years that day :)