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  1. Antonio77

    What is this model? Squier 1983?

    Hi, I am the guy who write on Fuzzfaced. I mean that Olympic White finish was avalable only with rosewood fretboard. As @SpeedKing said, not every guitar made at the factory matched the catalogue specs.
  2. Antonio77

    Why does Fender hollow out the American Original 50's strat in ash?

    No, I don't know how they did it. However, I read that rumors about the whole Original Series was discontinued are true.
  3. Antonio77

    USA strat, still a icon?

    There are a lot of guitar brands which make different guitars. Maybe those guitar are better in a "luthieristic" point of view: better action, neck-though or set-neck, better bridge, nut, frets or inclination of the headstock. Great guitars. But I love the strat sound. Not the "perfect" guitar...
  4. Antonio77

    USA strat, still a icon?

    I think it is still an iconic guitar. I don' know if your doubts come from what we said a few days ago about finishes. For me those finishes don't affect the sound. Furthermore they were used since the new 1985 FMIC was born and also few years before. I also think that Fender improved factory...
  5. Antonio77

    1997 Strat specs?

    1997 was a transition year for the American Standard Series. Probably you can find the new Delta Tone System but still the swimmig pool.
  6. Antonio77

    Misleading fender finishes

    Yes, there’s s lot of different finish terms that Fender uses. The only one that has a sense is the "flash coat lacquer". When you read "thin nitrocellulose", maybe they mean a thin top nitro layer, but you can find something else under the top coat, Custom Shop model included. Maybe cheaper...
  7. Antonio77

    Misleading fender finishes

    When Fender wrote Nitrocellulose finish, it means that the clear coat (and maybe color coat) is nitro. Usually there is a poly undercoat. Only when Fender released Road Worn guitars (not Vintera Road Worn), they said 100 % nitro. It seemed so strange to me, so I wrote to Customer Service and...
  8. Antonio77

    Misleading fender finishes

    Hi @Baelzebub, thanks for contacting me. First of all I am sorry for my bad English, I hope I will not be misunderstood. @Intune I don't work for Fender and I don't sell any guitar, and I don't have any interest in writing something that I know it's not true. I only love guitars, and history of...
  9. Antonio77

    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    I am a big fan of Fender Stratocaster, but I love Les Paul, too. If I had to choose, I prefer clean and soft overdriven tones of the Stratocaster, or the right combination Strat/fuzz/amp. But Les Paul are great guitars and their tones are too different from that of Strat and I like to play both...
  10. Antonio77

    40th Anniversary Stratocaster Pickups?

    I don't know. Even if you bought it new, the music store could have changed them before you bought it... maybe with pickups from a vintage series, who knows? Or it is just for chance that your guitar had staggered poles (it would not be the first time that Fender made strange things) because...
  11. Antonio77

    40th Anniversary Stratocaster Pickups?

    Yes, the late '80s and '90s American Standard Strats had flat poles pickups.
  12. Antonio77

    Can someone educate me on 1980s MIJ strats?

    Hi, these is only the page of the specs of the HSS Boxer strats. If you want to have more info about Japanese superstrats, you can give a look at:
  13. Antonio77

    Fender Deluxe player Stratocaster years made?

    Deluxe Super Strat (Fall 1997-6/2004) Deluxe Players Strat (7/2004-2016)
  14. Antonio77

    ST62 MIJ Strat specs
  15. Antonio77

    Rory Gallagher Stratocaster

    Thanks, now it works
  16. Antonio77

    Rory Gallagher Stratocaster

    74 years ago one of the greatest guitarist was born. Let's see his guitar and the replica.
  17. Antonio77

    Experience as US customer buying MIJ Strat from Japanese eBay sellers, anyone?

    Hi, I bought an ExTrad Strats directly from TC Gakki, Japan. Shipment was fast. They told me pickups were not original. Case also was not original. Hence it costed a little bit less than other similiar models.This was the second time I bought a guitar online. It costed 2307 euros plus 513...
  18. Antonio77

    Help with early custom shop Robert Cray strat.

    You are right, but only Mexican Cray Strats are equipped with flat poles bridge pickup, not the Custom Shop model
  19. Antonio77

    Info on 1980 USA Stratocaster please

    Thanks John! However, it's only a "general" page about those guitars. I suggest the following chapter because it's more detailed and consider almost all exceptions about Fender Stratocaster evolution through the years 1954-1987: Stratocaster Evolution 1954-1987
  20. Antonio77

    What Strat modell could this be?

    Hi, check this one: Rosewood Neck Stratocaster
  21. Antonio77

    40th Anniversary Stratocaster Pickups?

    Ho, unfortunately this is not an anniversary model. Evert factory Stratocaster made in 1994 had this neck plate and the commemorative medallion on the headstock. In 1994 there were two Custom Shop Anniversary models, one US factory Anniversary model (but completely different from this) and 4...
  22. Antonio77

    MIJ (CIJ) Strats, what's the difference?

    Two friends of mine worked at Fujigen for Fender. One is the guy ho made the Custom Edition team in Japan. They told me that MIJ and CIJ are related to different factories just by chance. Sam Sekihara, Managing Director of Fender Japan, approached Fujigen with the idea to change the "Made in...
  23. Antonio77

    Poplar Strats & other Fender guitars

    @Baelzebub My friend at Fender send me a message: it was tulip/yellow poplar. The luthier in Italy was right.
  24. Antonio77

    Poplar Strats & other Fender guitars

    I've just emailed to a friend that was warking as luthier at Fender in late '70s and early '80s and I asked him about "poplar".